Friday, October 25, 2013

this and that...

the girls were on a roll today.  gracie's new favorite word is curious.  as in, "mom, i'm only standing on the counter because i was curious what was up here." and "mom, i was curious about the chocolate chips so i opened the bag and tried them and accidentally spilled them all over the floor."  it took maddie 45 seconds to follow suit.  bedtime was equally as exciting.  the girls took turns coming out to tell us various items.  maddie started by coming down saying, "mom, i forgot to tell you something.  i got a pet unicorn today." gracie came down with a suggestion, "i have a great idea, maybe we should call our basement a dungeon.  but like a nice dungeon."  followed by maddie, "i'm going to be a pink puppy and i will lick you" next up was gracie, "maybe we should just call it a basement, a dungeon might scare me" over and over and over.  as we'd hear them coming down we'd get frustrated and then out of their mouths come the oddest little tidbits and we're muffling our giggles and we send them back up to bed pretending to be mad.  

we took these pictures during lucy's pre bedtime walk.  it's a pretty real glimpse into our lives.  by this time the girls have changed outfits a few times (gracie is occassionally in a leotard and ballet slippers or a princess dress up) and maddie has worn every pair of shoes in her closet and has no less than 7 baskets filled up .  this is the time that we let the girls run wild before calming everyone down.  lucy chases them around and around and we stay outside at least 20 minutes longer than we intended.  it's our favorite time to chat with neighbors, talk about our day and ignore the sink full of dishes and impending bedtimes.  we're going to soak them up for the next week until daylight savings ends!

gracie's shirt | pants | hat | boots |
maddie's shirt | pants (similar) | boots |
my chambray top | denim | flats | madewell scarf (similar here for $12) |
| the portrait of a two year old.  it sums it all up. |
| gracie's sweet face...maddie mischievous as usual. |
| our third child |


  1. They are beautiful!! That is hilarious that Maddie is so curious ;) ha ha! Gorgeous girls

  2. Curiosity is always such a mixed bag of goods, but at least it keeps things entertaining!

    Forgive the comment blitz; I've been out of the country for a few weeks and was able to see your posts, but unable to comment.

    I always enjoy your blog, from your stories, to the fashion, and lately the ideas in Tuesday Thoughts; you're one of the few blogs I'll actually proselyte for, and I've yet to have anyone I recommend it to not think it's amazing as well.

    Have a good weekend! - Rachel

  3. You have the most adorable family. :)