Monday, October 14, 2013

rainboots and lucy

what a whirlwind weekend!  i spent a very quick 30 hours in california for a wedding.  between the rushing and coming we ended up with just a few hours to relax sunday night before preparing for the week.  it had rained on and off all day and the girls were itching to use their umbrellas.  we rain booted up and took lucy up to the park before stopping by matthew's mom's for a second dinner and dessert.  we spent the last week (and by we i mean mostly matthew) training lucy.  matthew had a week off of classes to prep for a huge research project.  he stayed home and worked in the basement and kept lucy right by his side...the entire week.  we're feeling optimistic about the whole process (and by optimistic i mean hopeful that she doesn't poop on anymore of my shoes).  the girls have taken a keen interest in the whole training spectacle.  gracie will spout off commands while lucy mostly just tries to steal the treats out of her hands, but generally gives in and sits...and then gracie commands all of us to cheer for lucy.  needless to say, lucy has had her fair share of treats.  the accountant in matthew has come out and he created a spreadsheet of her schedule.  there are specific times to food, water, play time, walk time and all sorts of other times.  between that schedule and the girls' schedule i'm feeling rather scheduled out.  but it's progress...and oh my gosh, the girls love that dog. 

gracie's jacket (on sale) || striped tee || leopard pants || hunter boot || hat || scarf || umbrella ||

maddie's jacket (on sale) || chambray top || leggings || hunter boots || scarf || hair bow || umbrella ||

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