Wednesday, October 9, 2013

pictures from our iphones...

this week is getting away from me!  i over filled my plate and feel like i've worked a teeny bit on every project but haven't been able to get my full attention to anything!  in lieu of my date night post (which is going up tomorrow) i have some pictures from our iphones that didn't quite make it to instagram!  while i'm a big proponent of getting quality pictures with a real camera (even if it means lugging the dslr around!) there are moments that we want to capture and can't grab the camera quick enough.  thanks so, so much for reading, check in tomorrow for a date night post!

we had a blast at sweet little peanut's halloween party with pottery barn kids!  they had treats, the most amazing face painters, and trick or treating through the mall.  pottery barn kids was sweet enough to let the girls wear costumes from their new line.  gracie, of course, picked a fairy.  maddie debated long and hard between the bumble bee and the giraffe.  the giraffe ended up being a hit!  

little mermaid has opened up a whole new world for the girls.  they already had a love of mermaids, but it is now intensified, and lucky for us, they know all the music from the movie and love singing it- all the time!  my most favorite is when maddie gets really into the "ahhhh-ahhhhh-ahhhhh's" and watching gracie flop around on the floor with her legs squeezed together.  fortunately, the girls found a wand that can either turn any room into water or turn their fins into legs, so being a mermaid is much, much easier than we all expected!

depending on the day (and how much the girls beg when i'm dropping them off) i'll bring lucy to pick up the girls.  lucy and gracie love sitting together in the car.  however, i'm anticipating this can only last another week or so, since lucy is turing out to be a giant.  they are becoming more and more attached, making leaving the house without lucy painful for poor gracie.  on our way to savannah's game last night, gracie sobbed for a solid 10 minutes.  there were tears, sighs, and "but i will miss her!" cried out at least a dozen times and culminated with a nearly hysterical, "but she is my most favorite dog in the whole world and my heart is broken!"  there is no shortage of love for lucy, and clearly no shortage of drama.  she was fine once we explained (for the 9th time) all the reasons why lucy needed to stay home.  and we maybe promised that lucy could sleep with her for the next week.

after the soccer game last night we got in the car and the battle began.  matthew and i were determined to get the girls asleep before we were home.  the girls were prepared to put up a good fight.  45 minutes later we were victorious.  these are some happy faces on some tired parents!

walking into the game with their opposum, pig, horse AND kitty stuffed animals.  did you know that all those animals love watching soccer?!  they do and it would have been awful and horrible to leave them home.  we gave in.  stuffed animals were a whole lot easier than lucy!

we surprised matthew last week and stopped in at school to see him.  we are so proud of him!  it was fun seeing his desk setup and meeting his friends and study partners.  the girls have been busy painting pictures for his desk.  just wait until he sees the halloween decorations the girls want to decorate it with:)

sunglasses and a sparkly purse are necessary accessories to work out clothes.  maddie is rarely without a purse or bucket or something perfect for storing all the trinkets she collects.  every night i empty out them out- it's always a little scary seeing what's in there!

this is a perfect picture of what walking one puppy with two excited little girls looks like.  a whole lot of tangling and squealing and fun!

last monday we went up the canyon with all of matthew's sibblings and his mom for tinfoil dinners and s'mores.  he is one of 9 kids and they all live near by.  when everyone gets together there are 5 spouses, including me, and 11 grandkids.  it is crazy and loud and always a great time!


  1. What great pictures! We were just at Pottery Barn kids yesterday! I died over their adorable costumes! Luckily for us this year Scarlett's grandma is making her cutie pie costume! Love Gracie's sparkle purse!

  2. Girl, I'm missing your outfit posts! Where are your sweater and leopard booties from in the first picture? And the darling high tops in the last picture!??

    1. Hi Kate! I'm so sorry for the delay, I hadn't at my comments! So my boots I actually posted about today, my sweater if from last year at J.Crew Factory, but they still have it in ( and then my leopard high tops are from target! ( I love, love, love them...there are zippers on them, so they're super easy to take on and off. I wore them today to gymnastics with the girls and people were surprised they were from target! Thank you so, s much for reading! Sorry about the delay...keep in touch!:)

  3. Such cute pics!! I also am wondering where your whole outfit is from, when you were at the soccer game .... SO CUTE!

    1. Hi Jess! Thank you so much! I'm sorry for the delay, I hadn't noticed that I had comments! I bought my sweater last year at J. Crew Factory, but they still have it in ( and the shoes I posted about today. I wear them non-stop, they are so comfortable! The hat is from Urban Outfitters and the scarf is from Nordstrom...I'll check for the links today! Thanks so much for reading, sorry about the delayed response! Keep in touch!:)