Thursday, October 10, 2013

date night...

we tried to fit in a quick date night earlier this week since i'll be gone this weekend.  the girls are going to take my place and they couldn't be more excited!  they already have enough planned out for 7 dates- gracie even has a list going with pictures detailing each activity with a space next to each one for a special checkmark once it's completed.  hot cocoa, popcorn and a special movie is high on her list.  matthew said he's hoping for an 8pm bedtime for everyone, him included.   

i'm loving wine and blush for the fall.  i thought they were perfect paired together for a little date night with matthew.  i like the versatility of my pants, i'm feeling them with chambray, a sweatshirt, sweater or a silk top and denim jacket.  i'm a fan- grandma chic and all!

i can't wait for pictures from matthew's friday night date with the girls while i'm in california!
leather tee || embroidered pants || booties || necklace (similar here + here) || bracelets here + here, both on sale ||


  1. I'm new to your blog and I love it! Your girls are adorable! I love that you and your husband make a point to have a consistent date night. My hubby and I are lucky if we get a date once every couple of months! Love your style!


    1. Hi Brittany! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! It has been hard to get in a consistent date night, but once we got into the swing of things it has been easier. It's not typical to have a big full night, but we'll take whatever little bit of time we can get! Thanks for reading:)

  2. Those pants are fantastic! And you're right, there are so many unique ways you could wear them.