Monday, October 28, 2013

a pumpkin patch kind of weekend...

our weekend zoomed by!  we finally took the girls to the pumpkin patch friday night.  they have been waiting patiently (well, kind of patiently) to pick out a perfect pumpkin.  it couldn't have been a better fall night, jackets were even left in the car.  we chased the girls from activity to activity listening to them squeal in amazement.  matthew and i whispered to each other as we drove home, with girls falling asleep in the backseat, that we will always remember their faces and reactions.  i've said this at nearly every stage, but i'm convinced that these ages are the best of all of the ages and we're soaking up every minute.  at least a handful of times throughout the day matthew and i are sneaking glances and trying not to show the girls we're thoroughly entertained by their conversation.  we're nudging each other to catch them in the middle of an elaborate make believe game or watch them as the chase lucy around the house.  that's not to say that there aren't moments of exhaustion or frustration (it's amazing how many times i can ask them to come get dressed without the slightest acknowledgement) but the enjoyable, entertaining, fun parts are so great right now.

i'm off to san francisco this morning to help out on a pottery barn kids shoot.  i can't wait to see how it turns out, but i'm a little sad to be leaving the girls in the midst of halloween prep.  it's always stressful leaving and i feel like i can't prepare enough.  their clothes are organized in bags labeled with the day, schedules are out and instructions are written to a t.  it's probably the only time i'm really organized and well planned out, but it's helps ease my mind.  in the middle of a discussion over "easy peasy" hair-do versus the "dragon tail" hair-do, i realized what a fun job i have.  the mundane day to day activities are made fun because of the girls and their clever little personalities...if anything, life is always entertaining with them! (and i can't wait to see how their hair turns out!)

gracie's plaid top | leggings | boots | hat |

maddie's plaid top | leggings | boots | hat |

my sweater | denim | belt | boots (similar here + here) | sunglasses

| oh, this face! |
| fun on the slides...i love their faces! |
| i love watching her discover the world |
| the search for the perfect pumpkin! |
| showing her picks to the ladies in the ticket window |
| heading home tired and happy |


  1. Oh these are such beautiful pictures and memories!

  2. Such a great post!! I love your outfit and the girls hats :) pumpkins are my favorite this time of season especially the pumpkin seeds that you can eat after carving them!