Monday, October 7, 2013

a little weekend fun...

friday night we attempted to go to ann romney's book signing for her new book.  unfortunately so did a lot of salt lake and the line was full hours before.  regardless of political affiliation, i have loved getting to know more about her and am excited to read her new may even get me excited to cook!  i've always loved reading about first ladies, and although she didn't quite make it to that, i still think she is a great role model.  in an attempt to salvage our night we headed to the park, picked up chipotle for dinner and stopped by ikea to get the girls some new art supplies.  the girls spent the weekend coloring, painting and stamping while matthew and i watched lds conference.  it was a relaxing couple days filled with lots and lots of cuddling and family time and i feel recharged and ready to start a new week!  

i picked up a few new things from h&m for the girls.  their boots are darling and under $20.  i'm super impressed with the quality!  gracie has a matching purse with the boots that she has carried around everywhere with her!  i bought my zara denim while in vegas with girlfriends last summer.  i am loving the look of distressed denim with almost anything, i love it paired with my embellished top and heels...oh, and these heels- seriously the most comfortable pair of heels i've ever worn!  i threw a pair of flats in my bag for after the book signing and never reached for them!

gracie's dress || tights || boots || necklace ||

maddie's dress || tights || boots ||

my top (on sale) || leather jacket (similar here + here) || denim (similar here for $32 + love these) || heels (similar here) || bracelets here + here)

|| it seems like overnight she became a little girl- this is turning out to be one of my most favorite stages with her.  ||
|| maddie can never wait until 3 to start a race...she takes off somewhere between 1 and 2 ||
|| we just eat her up ||
|| this picture was taken by gracie! ||


  1. Lindsey!! I love your blog! How are you doing? You look beautiful as always:) and your girls are going up so fast!!

    1. Etta! How are you doing?! I haven't seen you in forever! Thanks so much, it's crazy how quickly they grow up! Are you still working around here?

  2. Love all the shoes-great choices!

  3. Looks like a lovely weekend with family!

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