Wednesday, October 2, 2013

a date night...

i was in the midst of working on this post when maddie's coughing began.  we took a quick break from mermaid wrangling (see here) for a quick dinner date.  while getting the girls in bed i noticed maddie coughing.  the girls both had little colds a week ago but it seems like the coughing returns at night.  it started our night of musical beds and no one getting great sleep.  the coughing woke gracie up, i got her back to sleep in time for maddie to wake up again coughing.  we gave her some medicine and that seemed to help for a little bit and then it started up again.  i finally kicked matthew down to the couch and brought maddie into bed with me.  she woke up again at 4:30 as matthew was leaving for the gym and school (he has found he is much more productive early, early in the morning opposed to late at night, so he's in bed by 10, up before 5) ready for conversation and question asking.  we finally got back to bed and all 3 of us overslept.  i decided to keep them home from school today and am now realizing i'll have a lot of entertaining to do!  
anyway, back to date night.  i've been waiting for cooler weather to wear this wayf dress (it's on sale for $33) with my leather jacket.  it is the most comfortable dress!  i'm loving the body-con trend and found a bunch (most under $100) that you can shop below!

|| wayf dress (on sale) || leather jacket (similar faux leather + here, love this moto jacket) || heels (similar here + here) || sunglasses (20% off with code fandf) || watch (20% off with code fandf) || bracelet ||


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    1. Thank you so much Ashley! It is so comfortable too, which is always a bonus! Thanks for reading:)