Monday, October 21, 2013

a birthday for matthew...

it was matthew's birthday yesterday.  in our house, we love birthdays- the girls were excited from the moment they woke up.  they made a big spectacle about presents and singing (we each had to individually sing happy birthday) and making sure matthew felt special.  after church we relaxed until we went to matthew's mom's house for dinner.  we couldn't pass up her cooking, so his dinner from us got pushed until tonight...i didn't complain!  

there are a lot of parts of matthew that i really, really love.  i have continued to be amazed by his commitment and drive to those things that are important to him.  his dedication to school and work are unparalleled.  the last 5 years he has finished up his semester and left the next day for a grueling summer of work, just to come home and start school up again.  it has been rare, in fact i'm not sure if ever, to hear him complain about his work load.  these traits carry over into just about every aspect of his life.  whether it's training for a marathon, learning how to cook or training lucy, he goes above and beyond.  the most admirable part is his how happy he is to do it.  he finds joy in pushing himself, reaching goals and finding success.  i think about our girls sweet personalities and they're happy outlook and i can see where they get it from.  matthew is rarely upset and is quick to sit and discuss things in a calm manor.  i've seen first hand that his patience is unending...of course when he's dealing with the girls, never with me:)

of all the things to love about matthew, my favorite part is his love for our family.  this weekend, i watched him have handstand contests with the girls, i listened to him encourage gracie as she practiced writing.  they sang silly songs and pretended to turn each other into animals.  i watched as he helped the them say their prayers and snuck upstairs to lay down with gracie until she fell asleep.  he teased and tickled them and told them stories.  they were wild and crazy (the girls inherited his never ending energy) and loud...really loud.  the girls have a fiercely loyal love for their daddy bear.  i mean, they think he is beyond amazing!  just today, they ran around the kitchen chanting, "number 1 daddy bear, number 1 daddy bear!"  i saw him comfort, protect and teach them with ease...i think being a father was what he was born to do.  i still remember the shock of finding out we were pregnant with gracie- in an overwhelming moment for me, he found every piece of it positive, and that outlook has continued on to this day.  we really have thoroughly enjoyed becoming parents together, and i am not ashamed to admit that he carried us through those first few months (or year) of parenthood.  there is no one better to have an adventure with and i know he'll always keep me entertained.  not to mention that he's not too hard on the eyes:) 

there is never a doubt in my mind how much he loves and adores the girls and the pride he feels in taking care of our family.  we have always had a strong commitment to our family, and found such great joy in being together.  i know that he has set the tone for relationships with one another, and at the end of my life, that's what i'll be most grateful and proud of.  

so a happy, happy birthday to our very favorite guy.  we love you so much and can't wait to see where this year takes us!

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    keep up the good work friend. I will be back to read more of your posts.


  2. Happy Birthday!! Love this post!