Wednesday, September 18, 2013

tuesday's thoughts...a day late.

i feel like i'm eternally a day late.  usually i can push it in the last few hours of a day and squeeze out a minor victory, but i didn't quite make it last night, leaving me gathering my tuesday's thoughts late tuesday night.  we've been squishing in as much as possible everyday, and despite my hopes to catch up, i've finally decided that unless we freeze time it's just not going to happen!

no. 1 //  maybe a sign of why i've been a little behind- i somehow came across the website "40 days of dating".  i became engrossed in the daily journals of two friends who decided to date for 40 days.  they put all their issues and past failures on the table and attempted to forge a new path away from their typical dating stereotypes.  i found it fascinating, albeit a teeny bit cheesy...maybe hipster-ish?  it took me back to my single days and the kind of dating that can consume your life.  it's a stark contrast from what my life is now, however, i loved delving into a world unknown to me and gaining some insight into complicated relationships.  it left me feeling grateful for the security i feel in my life now!  

no. 2 //  for the last month gracie has come home from school everyday crushed that her name wasn't picked to bring home the show and tell box.  when i pulled up to pick her up on monday, she was standing in the door jumping up and down- her day had come!  it's been a painstaking task deciding which 3 items to bring in.  her very first item she chose was this fairy book.  she loves the pop up pictures and all the hidden fairies.  i love seeing her face light up and she describes, in exact detail, just where you can find fairies.  her hands and face get more and more animated with each page, leaving her nearly buzzing by the end of the book.  she picked a music box with her ballet slippers tucked inside (our way of sneaking one more item in) and a picture of her, matthew and lucy climbing in the trees.  at least, that's what we've decided on tonight, i'm sure there will be doubts tomorrow morning and attempts to put in 27 other items.  and in my most favorite example of how thrilling this has all been, when i went in to check on her sleeping, she sat right up and in her sleep and exclaimed, "i see my show and tell box!  it's still there!  i'll get it in the morning!" then laid down and went right back to sleep.

no. 3 // nearly just as important as show and tell are halloween costume decisions.  we read the chasing fireflies catalog cover to cover 14 times on sunday.  gracie is adamant that she will be a fairy.  maddie was a little more indecisive...until she spotted the porcupine costume.  pages and pages of detailed, stunning costumes and she picked the porcupine.  i'm not sure how definite she is on it, but matthew and i were nearly crying sitting on the couch laughing as she explained why she didn't want to be all the other costumes and why she wanted to be the porcupine.  we love our odd little moo baby!

no. 4 // i can't believe it has been 10 years since i graduated high school.  my reunion is this weekend in southern california.  matthew and i decided we'd jet down for a short weekend and leave the girls with my mom, who is conveniently going to be in town.  it will be our first time we've been far away from the girls at the same time.  i can't remember what it's like to fly without two little buddies!  i'm still trying to figure out what to wear, i'm loving this jumper, these shoes and this purse.  nothing like waiting until the last minute!!

no. 5 //  have you checked out 3.1 phillip lim for target?  i found a few items i really liked and couldn't believe that by monday morning nearly every single one had been cleared off the shelves at my target!  i managed to snag this dress and i'm so impressed with the quality and fit.  i have still not seen any of the bags, but i'm loving this one and am waiting to see if it's restocked!  i also picked up this shirt for matthew- the fabric is great!

so tomorrow will be date night wednesday, pushed to thursday.  someday i'll get it all together!:)

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  1. Love this list-especially the show and tell box and the costume!