Tuesday, September 3, 2013

tuesdays thoughts

as the girls and matthew are getting into school and i'm finding myself with a bit more free time (except i'm finding more and more to fill my time with leaving me a little over scheduled...i'll find balance, right?!) i'm hoping to get into more of a routine with my blog.  i've been at this for a year now- and while i've been occasionally spotty, i'm finding a ton of joy in it.  i thought i could use tuesdays as a little round up of thoughts, things i've found and any random thing that pops in my head.  hope you enjoy! 

no. 1  now that it's officially september i feel like we can start eating pumpkin anything...right?  first on my list are these pumpkin and cream cheese sandwich cookies from i heart naptime.  anything combined with cream cheese has to be a winner.  and since i suppose i should be a responsible mom and cook dinner first, i'm thinking this would be a perfect dinner.

no. 2  anthropologie is having a 25% off home event.  i am in the process of planning the girls room and transitioning their nursery into a little girl room.  i tend to have design add...i can't narrow down the look i'm going for and struggle going with it.  i'm in love with these quilts (here + here) and feel like i'm ready to purchase at least one thing to plan their room around.  while i was browsing i found this iron dining table that is darling...which makes me want to change up my kitchen a little bit.  oh, i just can't seem to stick with one thing!

no. 3  i was recently given a copy of the book "the love affairs of nathaniel p." by adelle waldman.  this article from the new yorker reviewd it and made me excited to read it.  i anticipate lots of discussion about the differences in men and women with matthew.  we have differing views on a lot of things giving our discussions a lot of life.  matthew has an ability to see everything in black and white, whereas i get more  and more passionate with each shade of gray i find.  my train of thought sometimes bewilders matthew the faster i talk and the more avidly i try and convince him of my opinion leading us to agree to disagree.  i will tell you, because he is currently asleep next to me, that i win 9 out of 10 times (and that 10th time i just let him win:)  our intense discussions are one of my most loved parts of our relationship.  i love having intellectual discussions with him and seeing his point of view.

no. 4  it's going to be 90 degrees for the next week.  i'm dreaming of jacket weather, scarves and trips up the canyon to see the trees changing colors.  until then, this darling jacket i bought for each of the girls will remain in their closet.  i'm loving this club monaco jacket for me, it's perfect paired with a graphic tee, jeans and flats.

no. 5  between school, dance and gymnastics, we are up early every day of the week.  i'm mourning our old morning routine where we leisurely ate breakfast and got the day going.  as we're adjusting to a routine i've found that preparing for the next day the evening before has eased a lot of the morning chaos.  i admit that we're usually a few minutes behind schedule and we're running like crazy to get out the door.  the nights that we have outfits laid out, matthew's lunch packed, my purse ready to go and the house picked up our mornings run much smoother.  (clock found here)

no. 6 matthew schedules his days down to the minute.  every task, no matter how small is added in.  he loves that it keeps him on track and allows him to be as productive as possible.  i have always appreciated how hard he works to accomplish everything on his plate so he can come home and have some family time.  i tend to be a little more relaxed with our days (i'm forced to be a bit more flexible with toddlers) but a lot of days i'm left feeling frustrated that i didn't get more done.  i've decided to meet somewhere in the middle and tentatively plan our days out (that sounds like i'm not fully committing:) matthew has his calendar synced between his laptop, ipad and phone- you'll never find him without one of those.  i'm old school and love being able to write things out.  i found this desk calendar (i'm hoping it doesn't become a canvas for the girls art) and this planner...maybe if they're cute and fun i'll stick to it!

hope you all had a great labor day weekend!  thanks so much for reading:)

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