Tuesday, September 10, 2013

tuesday thoughts...

1.  regina spektor pandora station as soon as i drop the girls off at school i'm ready for something a little different on the music front.  the disney is turned off and i've been replacing it with talk radio, until i discovered pandora (i know, i'm 5 years late, matthew has always listened to it and i finally put it on my phone).  regina spektor is my current favorite channel...it takes me back to my single college days where "chick" music would fill our apartment, no matter how angsty we felt or in love we were.  matthew side eyed my for a solid 20 minutes when i told him i was so excited to show him this great new music station.  needless to say, it has now deemed my station for solo driving.

2.  halloween is right around the corner, i'm gathering ideas from my pinterest board and am getting anxious to get decorated!  i have always loved halloween but feel like i've been slacking a bit this year...i don't even has costumes figured out yet!

3.  i have had a lifelong love affair with leopard.  it's transitioned from cute little girl, tacky tweenager, trendy teens and now (hopefully) a more classy, on trend look for my 20s (it's a neutral, right?).  i'm putting away my summer sandals and need a leopard pump for fall and winter.  i found these at all different price points.  || sam edelman pumps || j. crew pumps || forever 21 pumps ||

4.  matthew and i finished seasons 1 and 2 of suits this summer just in time for season 3 to start.  with it's law office drama centered around major corporate law, matthew figured it was sort of prepping him for law school (it's a stretch, but it helped when we decided to watch another episode every night at midnight).  with only 1 episode left i am so sad to be saying goodbye to harvey spector and mike ross...but finding out that matthew's new nickname in school is "suits" eased the pain a little (i may think harvey is pretty great).

5.  we have been reading the book, "when royals wore ruffles" by chesley mclaren, every single night for a bedtime story.  it's a darling a-z book with stories of fashion history.  from learning about bustles, little black dresses, shoes and how cleopatra crushed up red ants and beetles to make her makeup, it ends with y for you and z for zany style.  i love the illustrations and the history behind it all.  gracie finds that it's the perfect segway into laying out her outfit for the next day!

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