Monday, September 30, 2013

oh, what a weekend...

it's sunday night.  gracie and maddie were both asleep by 6:45, matthew and i were in bed by 8.  we didn't do a ton this weekend, but for some reason we're all wiped out!

friday just seemed like one of those days...our morning was crazy and the girls were already on a roll (you can see it on instagram here).  lucy was already in trouble and i was ready to get back into bed.  the girls refused naps and kept busy with messes until i got them sat down for a bit of quiet time at 4.  before i knew it gracie and i had dozed off, just long enough for maddie and lucy to dump out the entire bag of puppy food all over my freshly cleaned kitchen floor.  i'm not sure whose idea it was, they both looked guilty.  matthew was swamped and stressed with a huge paper, so when he made it home at 7 we decided we'd take a walk to the grocery store for treats and bring our family date night to the couch.  our walk to the grocery store took way longer than expected (there was so much to explore and touch and pick up) and by the time we made it home, maddie was exhausted.  we all got ready for bed and put maddie down and snuck gracie downstairs for a special mom and dad date.  she was more than thrilled...she thought this was the most special night she had ever had!  we ate and snuggled and she talked and talked.  she whispered that she picked reeces peanut butter cups because they are daddy bear's favorite and she knew it'd make him happy.  she told us about school and unicorns and how hercules is strong, but daddy bear is definitely stronger.  she squeezed me tight and said we should have a special date night every night.  matthew fell asleep early and after some coaxing, gracie snuggled right in between us and after a long fight finally closed her eyes and went to sleep.  and in true gracie form, she told her grammie the next day, " maddie didn't get to enjoy date night because she was tired, but she'll get to come along next time!"

saturday was filled with more school and studying for matthew and then a quick trip out to say goodbye to my mom before she left for home.  i attempted to catch up on house work, but playing with the girls and taking lucy out for walks was just so much more appealing.  sunday came and went faster than we thought- between matthew teaching a big lesson at church, gracie giving a talk on service and a whole mix of to do's, we headed out for our regular sunday walk.  by the time we made it back we were all anxious for bed.  tomorrow starts another week and i'm left wishing we had just one more day in the weekend!

we took some pictures on our walk today.  we tried to work on fetching with lucy.  gracie and matthew climbed a tree (much higher than i thought they would) and maddie couldn't decide if she wanted to join in or not, it was a very traumatic moment!  the girls are wearing some of my most favorite pieces from wunway.  i am dying over their new items in their store- i'd seriously wear them!  the design in unique and their quality is amazing!  oh, and maddie's target jeggings are the best.  i love them cuffed up, we get great use out of them (we always size up)!

gracie's tunic (similar here + here) || wunway polka dot trousers (gingham + printed) || flats (on sale) ||

maddie's striped sweater (similar here, love this one) || scarf || jeggings || shoes (similar) ||

my sweater || chambray button-up || denim (on sale) || boots (similar on sale + here) || sunglasses || rings ||

|| these two just get each other.  they're luck to have one another. ||
|| gracie seriously thought she could maybe jump up to matthew:) ||
|| the best tree climbing coach ||
|| life is hard when you skip your nap ||

 and now a few pics from our weekend...if you follow along on instagram or twitter, you've seen these:)


  1. As always, beautiful pictures and family! Can you please provide your outfit details! I love the look and especially those booties! Thanks,Dee

  2. The pictures are beautiful at the park-love the Wunway clothes! And the spilled dog food-yikes!!!

  3. Looks like such a great weekend! We have had a few Fridays were our littlest was out by 6:45 - I always think the weeks are exhausting, but he must really find them so! Love those polka dot pants! And the striped sweater!!