Thursday, September 26, 2013

laundry for days...

(from a sunday morning a couple months back.  one of my favorite memories from nashville.  and because i snuck in to take a picture of the girls sleeping and matthew said i was going to be in big trouble if i woke them up.)

i wasn't planning on posting tonight, but it's either post or keep going with laundry.  it was an easy choice.  i started the night with, no joke, probably 8 loads of laundry to fold.  i was hoping to find something on netflix to keep me entertained while i mindlessly, but meticulously, fold each item (i'm a little crazy about our closets).  i was disappointed not finding anything new on netflix and browsed until i came to the new releases.  after writing yesterday about despising nicholas sparks books, it was only natural that the first new release was safe haven.  i figured i was safe in the privacy of my room and could watch it without looking like a total hypocrite.  matthew came in with ten minutes left in the movie as i stood at the end of our bed watching.  i was crying.  and not folding any laundry.  i remember why i don't read his books, and with a newfound resilience, i will not be watching any movie based on one of his books.  i just don't understand why there has to be some heart wrenching, over the top story line in each one.  i felt good about the ending for about 3 minutes until i started talking to matthew and started thinking about it; then i decided it was awful.  in an attempt to make myself feel a little less depressed i started the 4th season of 30 rock.  a few minutes into it i was feeling much, much better, despite my laundry that i swear was multiplying.

other than that, i had a good day with the girls.  matthew is in the midst of a huge research and writing project.  he has been making it home to eat dinner every night with the girls (followed by a big bowl of ice cream, no wonder they love him so much!) and run through a quick bedtime routine before getting back to studying.  it has been a bit of a struggle, especially for gracie.  she is heartbroken every morning watching matthew pull out of the garage.  i'm grateful for matthew making every effort to spend as much time with the girls as he can...he even stayed home an extra half hour on monday for a little breakfast french toast date with just gracie (maddie and i would have been invited, but we're not early morning lovers).  i enjoy seeing matthew passionate about his schooling and love hearing him talk about all he's learning.  with matthew's studying and the girls schedule, it seems like we're missing out on the family time that we've grown accustom to.  i was grateful today to spend lots of time with the girls.  between dancing to their favorite song, royals by lorde, and showing me their "grooves",  playing with lucy and chatting and telling stories, i realized how much i genuinely love their little personalities.  even with little meltdowns about who gets to push the elevator buttons (a meltdown magnet) or who is retelling grammie's stories right, we just seemed to gel today; and remembering that is helping me get through all this laundry.


  1. This amused me because I have a similar prohibition against Nicholas Sparks books and movies, though ironically I was on a flight a couple of months ago with my mom, and choose playing a card game instead of watching Safe Haven, but like you, our curiosity got the better of us and we shared a headphone to watch the last 30 minutes or so. As expected we got to the end, rolled our eyes and went back to playing gin, I genuinely don't understand the draw.

    My netflix housework fix is old seasons of Frasier, though I've been considering giving 30 Rock a try lately, mostly due to my recent crush on Alec Baldwin because of his tv commercials. :)

    Hope ya'lls new schedule gets easier and of course that the laundry pile stays low.

  2. Hey Lindsey! I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed this post. I don't comment a ton. But, I can so relate and thought you documented the experience so well. Thank you for adding another great read to my life :)

  3. Hey! I love following you, mostly because we live such similar lives. Michael has three years left before getting his master in Aerospace Engineering so those few hours we spend with him daily makes us happy too! XOXOXO