Friday, September 20, 2013

denim shirt three ways...

i am a huge fan of denim tops.  i'm pretty sure i could wear one everyday of the week.  the same goes for my girls.  for fashion friday on sweet little peanut we're showcasing a few different ways to style a denim top.  i love getting the most out of the girls clothes, this shirt is by far the most versatile item in gracie's closet (a sidenote, i would definitely size up in this top).  For girls we're loving it belted over dresses, worn in place of a cardigan, tied around the waist or under a sweater or jacket.  With unpredictable fall weather, a denim top adds a perfect layer as well as gives an outfit great dimension.  

denim shirt (i suggest sizing up) || dress (loving this floral dress) || boots (similar pair from old navy here) || socks || belt || necklace || bracelet || headband ||

denim shirt || graphic tee || leopard pants (leggings, $16) || boots (similar pair from old navy here) || necklace || bracelet || hairbow ||

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i had to throw in some pictures of maddie.  oh our maddie, i don't know what we're going to do with her lately!  she has decided that she can sneak out of her bed and into the playroom at all hours of the night.  she is convinced that if she is just hiding her eyes from us that we won't be able to see her.  we caught her hiding out in the corner of our room tonight with her backpack on and suitcase right next to her.  i'd like to think she was hoping matthew and i would take her to california this weekend, but i soon realized she was just ready to go see her grammie.  i'm not sure she'll even miss us!  we're also having major disagreements about whether or not the lipstick in my purse is mine or hers.  one second she is smiling so sweet and the next she is throwing out the scariest mean face i've ever seen!  

maddie's peek kids jacket (on sale) || polka dot chambray top (similar) || miss j handmade headband ||


  1. i showed this to a friend who has kids of similar ages, and she loved it so much she signed up for your blog immediately! it's hard to pick a favorite way you styled the denim, but I think it might be the red dress or the one with the wellies, all are fantastic though.

    1. Rachel,

      Thank you so much for spreading the word, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! I had the hardest time narrowing down outfits for Gracie to wear...I swear we could incorporate a denim shirt into any outfit! You can't beat wellies with any outfit, and the red dress has been a favorite since we bought it!

      Thank you so, so much for reading, I always look forward to your comments!:)

  2. Hey Lindsey!! Thanks so much for including us in post!! Your daughters are darling!!

    1. Hi Kailee! Anytime, we adore your headbands, especially because of how comfortable they are for the girls to wear! Thanks so much:)