Monday, September 9, 2013

bugaboo and #discoverthebuffalo

we were so excited to attend bugaboo strollers launch for their new stroller, the buffalo.  we went to a get together in park city saturday night for amazing food, great conversation and fun for our whole family.  after getting rained out they moved the party indoors where they set up huge teepees and threw blankets out on the floor.  they had the sweetest storyteller (gracie has not stopped talking about her) and a real owl that the kids could look at.  maddie wasn't sure she trusted that owl, she is convinced it is   following us and it's going to pop out of every tree we see.  they had a gourmet s'mores station set up that put our regular old s'mores to shame.  maddie frequented the table thinking she was slyly snagging a chocolate.  it was so cute watching her peek around to see if anyone was watching we just let her have at it.  if you follow me on instagram, you saw the video of the girls giggling at 10:30pm.  their sugar high was unreal!

i had fun chatting with old friends and meeting new ones...a lot who i've gotten to know through instagram, and as much fun as instagram is, real life is a whole lot better.  there are so many neat people and families that we've been able to meet.  they all have different dynamics and lives and are so unique but have a love of family in common.  you can check out more from the party and the so fun photobooth with the hashtag #discoverthebuffalo.

we ventured out into nature for a little walk, we are puppysitting buzz while his family is on a cruise.  lucy has adapted well to another dog in the house and they've kept each other company.  buzz has tolerated her playfulness and energy.  gracie has told literally everyone she has seen that now we have two dogs and it is the best thing ever.  lucy tries hard to keep up with gracie, but it's getting easier as she gets bigger...and she is getting bigger really fast!  matthew and gracie of course found trees to climb.  gracie would have climbed as high as matthew would let her.  maddie likes the idea of climbing but tends to freeze once she's about 5 feet off the ground.  i just stand below yelling, "please be careful, that's high enough, okay, come down!" every 45 seconds...and matthew doesn't understand where my ulcers have come from.

we had a lot of fun together this weekend.  with matthew's intense school schedule and studying and the girls and i busy with school and activities, it feels like our family time has dwindled a bit.  i don't know what we'd do without a date night and sunday all day together!  it was one of those weekends we filled every space with something.  we enjoyed family meals, gracie and i vs. matthew and maddie races (anything and everything is a race), even picking up the house tonight was a group project.  i can't remember a weekend we laughed so hard, played so wild and loved so much!

and please excuse the overload of pictures, i'm taking a class and needed some pictures for homework assignments...i couldn't narrow it down!

what we wore...

my top || denim vest || waxed denim || boots || sunglasses || watch || bracelets here + here ||

|| if you follow gracie's fashion advice, you ALWAYS wear striped socks with camo shoes.  duh. ||

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  1. You a have a beautiful family, God bless you all!