Wednesday, September 4, 2013

back to basics...

after a crazy summer traveling and being apart for weeks at a time, matthew and i are getting back into the routine of date night.  our date nights don't always happen on a weekend, they're usually whenever we can snag a babysitter and sneak out for a couple hours.  it doesn't matter if our date consists of an ice cream cone, dinner, a movie or running errands, it's so nice to get out and be together.  while our first half hour or so is dominated with conversation of little girls and family happenings, our conversation winds its ways until we feel like we're dating and enjoying one another's company.  life gets hectic and date nights seem to be pushed aside when schedules get full.  simplifying our lives and getting back to the basics is exactly what we need...even if it means feeling a little guilty as we pull away watching little girls wave goodbye!

i'm a fan of mixing patterns, adding jewelry and taking a few risks, but sometimes, it's nice to just get to the basics.  a neutral color palette, easy jewelry and a comfy put together outfit gives me that simple, calfornia chic feel.

vince tee (on sale) || joie cuffed pants (similar pair from target, love them in gray!) || vince camuto heels || marc jacobs watch || bracelet || sunglasses ||

you can shop the look below, there are also similar items, all under $40!

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