Wednesday, August 7, 2013

nashville zoo part one...

last week while my mom was in town we spent a morning at the nashville zoo.  matthew arranged to meet up with his office a little late giving us even more time to explore.  before we could even get to the animals we found the historic grassmere home and farm.  it had the most amazing meadow out front, i think the girls could have played in it all day!  if fairies existed, i am certain they would live there.  it is my most favorite place i've ever taken pictures, i don't know if it was the incredible lighting, or jut the atmosphere, or capturing the girls wonderment, but i'll always remember it!  sometimes i think i love taking pictures of the girls so much because it's our way of capturing them experiencing things for the first time.  they manage to find joy and magic in everything, i find myself watching them watch the world.  seeing them discover life around them is one of, if not the most, gratifying parts of my life.  

the nashville zoo was our most favorite zoo yet.  the animals exhibits were intimate and the scenery was much that i have to split our day into two posts! animal adventures to come!

gracie's gap tank (similar here, on sale) || red shorts (on sale, $16) || sandal ||

maddie's peek top (similar here, great for fall) || gap shorts (similar here + here, both on sale) || sandals ||

my button back t-shirt || j. crew jeans || sandals (sold out, similar here) || sunglasses || bracelets here + here ||

|| she didn't let go of that map all day! ||
|| we're big hand holders ||
|| gracie stories are the best kind of stories...i love how matthew is listening! ||
|| love her girly poses ||
|| searching for fairies ||
|| our wild girls! ||


  1. Gracie's little red-striped shorts are to die for! Wonder if they have them in my size? :)

  2. Amazing place-love their imaginations!

  3. Such a beautiful family! Seriously, your girls are adorable!