Thursday, August 8, 2013

nashville zoo part 2...

we loved the nashville zoo!  we started at the bird sanctuary where we fed the birds nectar.  maddie had an intense stare down with one, she wasn't quite sure about them.  gracie loved every minute of it and even got to hold one of the birds.

the elephant exhibit was amazing.  i shoot with a fixed lens, so there is no zooming in.  the elephant was really that close!  the girls watched as he ate his lunch.  the giraffes were one of our favorites, they walked right over in front of us.  i loved the flamingos and matthew loved the snakes.  the girls marched around with my mom and enjoyed hearing her stories.  we ended at the crocodile exhibit, which was exactly what we had come to see.  matthew held gracie up to the window, the crocodile saw her and swam right over to the glass.  i've never seen the girls jump and scream like that!  the crocodile was right on the other side of the glass putting us closer than i ever thought i'd be to one.  it was amazing...and a little scary.  the girls were fascinated, but preferred to be back away from the glass.  we had to drag maddie away, i think she would have been happy hanging with him all day.

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|| one of my favorite pictures of maddie's just so her! ||
|| they were pretty amazed by the elephant! ||
|| marching with grammie ||
|| mesmerized by the crocodile! ||

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  1. Aww your girls are so cute. I love reading your blog.