Monday, August 26, 2013

loving life with lucy...

we had quite the eventful weekend at our house!  we are getting adjusted to life with lucy and all that a brand new puppy brings to a home.  lucy struggled adjusting to eating away from her mom, leaving us worried to leave her alone.  my parents flew into town this weekend for a niece's first birthday party, so the girls and i met them for an afternoon with cousins while matthew took lucy to the vet.  we were relieved to see her in great health, just slowly adjusting to a new life.  we were all thrilled when the vet told us the best thing we could do is love her, hold her and play with her.  we have all kept calm (especially the girls) around her and fussed over her, despite my family teasing us that she is worse than a newborn baby.  she is sweet and playful and right on track for where she should be.  we've given up on crate training and are letting her sleep in bed with us.  matthew claims it's temporary, but i'm not holding my breath.  we let her lay in gracie's bed until gracie is asleep and then we sneak her out and fight over who gets to hold her.  i'm fairly certain i'm the current favorite, but i've seen matthew sneak her a puppy treat or two trying to woo her.  we knew that getting a puppy would be an enormous amount of responsibility, but the joy we'd find in her would outweigh all the stress.  

my whole family (minus one brother in law) gathered together sunday for millie's first birthday party.  millie is the sweetest baby and we loved getting together to celebrate her!  gracie hardly talks to us at family gatherings anymore.  she immediately finds her cousins and is deep in play before we're even through the door.  i love having so many cousins for the girls to play with and look forward to all the family parties in our future.  maddie is discovering playing with the older kids, but has her occasional struggles keeping up with them.  luckily for her, poppa was there and spent a good portion of the day playing with her.  it was sad saying goodbye, but nice knowing they'll be back in a couple weeks!  

tomorrow starts matthew's first official day of law school!  we can't believe we're embarking on another degree and a new chapter in our lives.  he already had hefty reading assignments, but he's enjoying the reading and i'm loving discussing all the cases with him.  luckily whitney and i spent a semester watching law and order reruns every night and i'm somewhat familiar with legal jargon (hollywood court is the same as real life court, right?) and was able to follow along with him.  i am finding it a little ironic that for the first time i have a few hours to myself each week while the three of them are at school and i now have a little puppy to take care of.  although i'm pretty sure lucy won't mind an occasional nap:)  i'm keeping my fingers crossed for a great first week of school for matthew and the girls.  welcome fall!

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ps- i included a few details from some instagrams from over the weekend...thanks for all your sweet words!  you can follow along on instagram here...thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Goodness— the new puppy! So cute!

  2. Lindsey, his family is wonderful, gorgeous! And all the pictures are amazing! Also accompany your photos on instagram! Loved it! Best regards from Brazil