Wednesday, August 21, 2013


we had hopes of taking a little vacation together before school starts.  our last trip away together was our honeymoon!  we've tried park city twice and both times the whole family has come down with the flu.  between traveling home and school starting and the chaos that comes along with fall we decided it'd be too crazy to leave town for a few days.  we decided to give park city one more time, if any of us got sick we'd take it as a sign that we should never go out of town alone, ever.  the weekend went off without a hitch.  matthew's sisters took the girls on sunday night and my sisters took the girls on monday night.  they had such a fun time, so much that they wouldn't take our calls...and come to find out they didn't even ask about us!  we were a little disappointed!  

we enjoyed our couple days away so much.  we talked and talked and enjoyed the uninterrupted conversation.  we wanted to do as much as possible, so monday morning we got up early, went to breakfast and then on the prettiest hike up the canyon.  i asked about two dozen questions and stopped every few yards for the first half mile to look at something, take a picture of flowers to show the girls or collect rocks for them.  matthew didn't complain too much, it took us twice as long, but we finally got up to the lake.  they have paddle boats and fishing poles to rent and we immediately made plans to bring the girls up.  it was great to be together, but at the same time it's hard to not think about how much the girls would love coming along.  

after our hike we went to the spa.  it was completely empty and very calm.  both of us were fidgeting and trying not to laugh.  we enjoyed our massages and the relaxing atmosphere.  we headed to salt lake for dinner and matthew relented and went school clothes shopping.  he went out for frozen yogurt after to recover.  we stayed up late, enjoyed redbox movies and treats in bed.  we weren't ready to leave, but we were anxious to get home to pick up gracie's birthday present.  after a lot of thinking we decided that gracie is ready for the responsibility of a pet.  she has been asking nearly everyday for the last year, and after taking such good care of buzz when we watched him, we figured it would be a perfect time for her and our family.  if you follow me on instagram you've seen a video and a few pictures.  we are so in love and can't wait to share more about our sweet new puppy!

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