Friday, August 2, 2013

fashion friday with sweet little peanut...

we are so excited to do a fashion friday post with sweet little peanut, nashville style!  we are amazed every time we step outside how beautiful it is here!  we packed a basket of treasures to take along with us to the park just down the street from our house.  we are loving that the weather is cooling down a bit in the evenings giving us a peek at fall.  the girls are anticipating starting school in a few weeks.  i love the flashcards i found at anthropologie...letters for gracie and numbers from maddie.  after a little bit of studying we're on to hunting fairies and bugs.  thanks to gracie's fairy book we are constantly on the look out for fairy hiding spots.  we have yet to find any, but the girls are determined to  find one, there isn't a question of whether or not they exist, it's just where to find them!  we caught a mini grasshopper that is happily resting on our kitchen table.  he's their newest pet and already a part of the family.  it's not long before we're heading home, fresh air and make believe make the time go by quick!

i knew the camo pants would be a great pick for gracie.  for a little girl who is obsessed with dresses, pants have to have some cool factor for her to put them on.  blending in with the trees giving her a chance to sneak up on fairies did the trick and she loved them.  paired with one of our favorite peek tees and she is set for school, the park or running around town.  i love the anthropologie hair clips i found the girls, it gave her outfit the perfect amount of girly.  you can't go wrong with saltwater sandals, they have become our durable, comfortable go to sandal every summer.

for maddie i picked up a pair of jeans for her from the nordstrom sale.  they are the softest jeans, they are almost like wearing leggings!  she has them cuffed up now, so they'll last through growth spurts.  gracie has a pair of joe's jeans that she has worn for a couple years now.  with the adjustable waist and cuffing, plus the great quality, they've been a staple in her wardrobe.  a patterned peasant top and leopard sandals and this girl is set!  her hair clip stays in so well, even with her fine hair!

i have been eyeing anthropologie's striped charlie trousers for months now.  they are so soft and light, they'll be perfect for warm summer days and cool autumn nights.  i already have a few outfits in mind for them...a vintage tee and sneakers and a chunky sweater and ankle boots.  my chambray top is one of the most versatile items in my closet (can you tell i'm all about versatility?)...tucked into skirts, paired with patterned denim, under a cardigan, it's a perfect alternative to a button down.  sam edelman has long been one of my favorite shoe brands.  i can wear them all day chasing the girls without blisters or sore feet.  i love the little bit of leopard on the back of the sandal too...i may feel like i always need a teeny bit of leopard with every outfit.  sunglasses and fun jewelry and i'm ready to go.  it is something i can comfortably wear all day with my girls (i even snuck in a cat nap with the girls while wearing this) but i still feel put together.

thanks again to sweet little peanut for having us!  fashion friday is one of our favorite posts to read, we love getting new ideas and seeing the pictures!

maddie's peasant top || jeans (on sale at nordstrom) || glitter belt || hair clip ||

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