Monday, July 1, 2013

weekend swimmers...

gracie is nearly convinced she is turning into a mermaid.  we spent ALL weekend swimming.  if we weren't in the pool we were talking about swimming.  the moments between arriving at the pool and getting gracie changed, sunscreened up, her floaties on, etc. are painful.  she is just sure she is never going to get in the pool and can hardly keep from exploding until she jumps in.  those painful moments quickly subside as soon as i watch her jumping and playing and splashing.  she can't jump high enough, swim fast enough or love it more.  and then there is my cautious maddie, who tends to be a little more reserved in the pool.  she is most comfortable on the steps and wants to go at her own speed.  she is comfortable waiting until she warms up before swimming out into the open.  we lived in texas the summer that gracie was the age maddie is now.  matthew and gracie swam every single morning before work.  she loved standing on his shoulders and jumping off.  she let matthew throw her as high as he could into the pool.  if you even suggest that to maddie she gives an almost frightening glare.  i fear that all my "gracie please be careful" conversations have terrified maddie from being a little more adventurous.  i see more of myself in maddie and am learning to parent her a little differently than gracie.  even with all of their differences i find each of them to be perfectly themselves.  matthew is still declaring that a week in the pool with him and he'll have maddie jumping off the edge.  i'll believe it when i see it!

we had dinner and a little swim party at my sister whitney's new house.  they have a killer backyard with a beautiful pool.  they just redid their pool and put in a large baja shelf (kind of like an 10 inch deep huge step) with an umbrella right in the middle of the step.  it's a perfect place for their little oliver to splash.  maddie sets up a spot where she is content moving around and playing in the shallow water.  my mom even surprised the grandkids and jumped in fully clothed.  their pool brings back memories of the pool we had growing up- i can't count the number of hours we spent in that pool!  i am so excited for all the fun her family will have in it, and that they don't mind visitors!  

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