Friday, July 19, 2013

visiting franklin...

the girls and i ventured out this week to franklin, a little town near us in nashville.  driving in i completely fell in love- it was exactly as i pictured a small southern town would be.  it was hot and muggy and we seemed to be the only ones who didn't notice the dark clouds rolling in behind us.  we wandered up and down their main street window shopping and making friends (seriously, the people are friendly here!).  the girls found a group of baby birds in the garden in front of a church and sat on the steps trying to catch them.  we couldn't pass up frozen yogurt and ate it on a bench while people watching.  that's when we started to hear the thunder and noticed the clouds rolling in.  we started back for our car but didn't make it there before rain.  i have never seen rain like that, it was instant torrential downpour!  my windshield wipers were on full speed and i still couldn't see anything, so we pulled over to wait out the storm.  right as i put the car in park lightening stuck what felt like right next to our car.  all 3 of us screamed and jumped- i've never seen the girl's eyes so wide!  poor maddie whispered from the backseat, "mom, please save us!"  the storm ended almost as quickly as it began and we headed back home.  i can't wait to go back to franklin, thank you for all your suggestions on instagram and email...we are so excited to explore!

and this week we continued our summer traveling rite of passage...maddie got her ears pierced!  maddie has been asking almost daily for earrings like gracie, and more than once i've caught her stealing my earrings off my jewelry stand.  all it took was one rainy afternoon of us bored in the house and we decided it was time, which is exactly how gracie ended up getting her ears pierced when we were living in texas for the summer.  matthew's sister madeleine (her husband is here working with matthew) came along to video it for matthew.  maddie, who is usually a little hesitant (like screams through doctors appointments) sat on my lap and let the girl mark her ears with no problem.  she whimpered after the first ear and cried after the second until she got a sucker.  madeleine showed her the earrings and it was all smiles after that.  every time i clean her ears she yells, "please don't take them out!!" and checks to make sure they're still in every morning.  it took a few days for me to get used to them, for some reason i feel like they make her look so much older!   

maddie's peek top (similar here, on sale for $9.99 and here for $18.99) || peek denim shorts (loving these on sale for $21) || a little lady hair bow || zara sandals (on sale) ||

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free people top || denim shorts || target sandals || sunglasses ||

|| maddie was a little nervous with all the thunder! ||

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  1. Love the pictures-especially Maddie looking up at the thunder!