Monday, July 22, 2013

to market, to market...

last week before leaving for work matthew asked gracie if she'd pick him out some georgia peaches at the downtown nashville farmers market.  she reminded me 47 times in the 3 hours before we headed out.  she was nearly buzzing by the time we got to the market and when she saw the peaches, she couldn't contain her squeals.  as she loaded up the bag i was quickly sneaking them out to make sure we made it home with good picks.  she was thrilled and so proud of herself and reminded me how big she is, that daddy bear had asked HER to do this for him.  

while gracie was looking over her selection maddie was busy trying to touch each and every piece of produce.  the eggplants were her favorite.  as gracie was paying for her peaches maddie started teasing the man checking us out.  in true maddie fashion there were grins and giggles and lots of back and forth about the lipgloss that she carries around night and day.  she has a way about her and when her little eyes light up, it leaves people laughing and instantly gets her whatever she wants.  i fall for it a least a dozen times a day.  she is clever and works every angle, and always comes out on top.  

we were the last people to leave the market, but we still weren't ready to go home.  we found an outdoor shopping mall and wandered around for a couple hours.  the girls found a couple potato bugs, kathy and sally, and they accompanied us around.  maddie's "took a nap" about 3 minutes after she picked it up.  she can't keep one alive for the life of her.  gracie was diligent and sally made it all the way to the car, although i did spend quite a bit of time babysitting her.  it is pretty stressful to keep one of those tiny things alive.  we found a couple new restaurants to try and browsed some darling boutiques and one big anthropologie.  we made the trek home but one little girl could not sleep until she told her dad about each detail of picking out his peaches.  it was a moment i wish i could have recorded.   

gracie's crewcuts top || shorts || sandals ||

maddie peek top (similar here) || gap shorts (similar here and here both on sale) || sandals ||

my asos dress (so so comfy!) || denim vest || sunglasses ||


  1. Nashville Farmers Market is great!

  2. Oh the poor potato bugs! Love the pictures at the market.