Friday, July 12, 2013

summer movie nights...

one of our must do summer activites every time we visit california is an outdoor movie night.  a few years ago my parents bought a big movie screen and projector and it quickly became our favorite summer tradition.  on most summer nights we eat dinner out on the patio.  as soon as everyone is finished up we have a little intermission.  the table is cleared and turned into a concession stand.  outdoor furniture is rearranged.  the blankets come out, jammies are put on, popcorn gets popped, candles are lit, fire is started and seats are picked.  the only hard part is picking the movie (how to train your dragon won over despicable me).

after long summer days it's rare for the kids to make it awake for the whole movie.  as soon as their all in bed we'll usually hang out in the backyard talking around the fire or we'll throw on a different movie.  i'm pretty sure there have been multiple adults who have fallen asleep outside on the couch or chaise and slept through the night in the backyard!

this is by far one of my favorite activites to do as a family.  you can have as many or as few as you like and unlike a movie theater, it's okay for the little ones to roam around or talk a little louder than a whisper (which our girls have still yet to learn).  if you don't have access to a movie screen you can find tutorials all over the internet for converting a sheet into your own screen (i found one here).  we used the screen for gracie's 2nd birthday party and it was a big hit...the possibilities are endless!

also, with google reader now gone, you can keep up with our litttle blog on 
bloglovin, facebook or instagram.  thanks so much for reading!!

|| maddie usually snags the coveted spot on poppa's lap ||
|| we give the kids cupcake liners to monitor candy intake- they're the perfect snack size! ||


  1. Such a cute idea! {I'm not sure if you have discovered Feedly, but it's great!}

    1. Hi Channa, thanks so much for reading! I'm going to have to look into it similar to bloglovin?

    2. You blog is so fun! I have 9 mo. old twin girls so it's fun seeing how you dress you and your girls; you have great style!

      I tried bloglovin' and a whole bunch of other readers last month. Feedly was the closest thing I could find to google reader and I could import all the blogs I follow. It has a great app for iphone and ipad too.

  2. Nothing better than a movie outside in the summer!

  3. Such a great idea for a summer activity!