Wednesday, July 31, 2013

lunching with friendly fox...

we headed to franklin to show my mom one of our favorite nashville spots.  when i take the girls out it's always a little gamble.  i never know what to expect from either of them.  we have teasing days, calm days, wild animal days and meltdown days.  they pretty much go from one end of the spectrum to the other.  one of my most favorite days is when maddie is on a roll.  her teasing, silly nature gets the best of me.  i can't help but just laugh and squeeze her...meaning she gets away with just about everything.  she insisted on carrying around her fox (or as gracie dubbed him, "friendly fox") all around town.  gracie was a little tired and ornery, so maddie took it upon herself to push every single one of her buttons, all while trying to hide her little smile.  she charmed the waiter, snuggled up to grammie and made friends with unsuspecting strangers.  she worked up quite an appetite and tried stealing gracie's ice cream.  after an afternoon of sightseeing friendly fox and a tuckered out maddie took a snooze together in the stroller, recharging for an evening filled with swimming and playing and teasing.

my zara top (similar here) || anthropologie skirt || tory burch sandals || sunglasses || purse || watch || bracelets here, here and here ||

|| the best maple pecan pie ||
|| when grammie comes to town her hair gets a little more fancy. ||
|| a gracie sandwich ||
|| despite the best pouting face i've ever seen, i still didn't give in. ||
 || a tuckered out maddie and friendly fox ||

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  1. Looks like it was an eventful day! And I love that quote. Very true :)