Tuesday, July 9, 2013

a flight to nashville...

we've been anticipating our flight to nashville for a few months.  we hit the ground running yesterday at 5am, scurrying around to pack last minute items.  we waited to get the girls up until the last minute.  i had maddie completely dressed before she had even woken up.  poor gracie sat up and said, "mom,  i have some bad news.  i'm still tired.  but the good news is i think i can stay awake now."  we flew out of lax in los angeles, which just happens to be my least favorite place to fly in and out of.  we were hoping to get to the airport about an hour and a half early.  we had 4 suitcases, 2 carseats, a stroller and slew of carry on items...including the dinosaur tails my mom made for oliver's 1st birthday party.  some major traffic and a little detour landed us at the airport 30 minutes before our flight took off.  we checked our bags and made a run for it...literally.  the security line was empty, something i've never seen before at lax...however, they had to completely swipe down and check our stroller and recheck matthew's bag three times.  gracie hopped on her trunki, matthew packed the stroller down with bags, maddie held on for dear life and we booked it to the gate.  i am still in shock we made our flight!  we got settled in our seats and took off immediately.  while i never want to be that rushed again, it was nice not having any down time between getting to the airport and taking off.  

our flight to houston was pretty uneventful.  i sat in between the girls and matthew sat across the aisle from us.  gracie played on her early birthday present from grammie and poppa and maddie went through her entire backpack before taking a nap.  we colored, read books, played with stickers and and ate snacks.  she was pretty restless falling asleep...thank heavens the girls brought their dinosaur tails, they doubled as pillows.  once she fell asleep she napped for a couple hours.  it was by far the easiest flight i've ever been on.  i don't know if it's just that the girls are getting older and know the routine of flying or we just lucked out.  our layover was filled with airport lunches, two spilled drinks, two ice cream cones (i'm pretty sure matthew finished off both) and a little running around.  after maddie had taken a nap and eaten, she was on a roll.  she chatted with everyone and did not want to sit in the stroller.  her and gracie wore their dinosaur tails around and roared at each other.  we got a lot of looks.  

from houston to nashville we had three seats together and one a few rows back.  i went to sit down with the girls and gracie loudly exclaimed that i shouldn't feel bad, but she'd rather sit with her dad.  i made the walk of shame back to the individual seat and settled in.  before i was even in my seat the man next to me started talking.  my thoughts of napping and reading disappeared.  he was chatty...and i'm known for being chatty.  we talked the entire way.  he is older and nearing retirement and has 5 grown kids.  he gave me loads of advice and covered topics like real estate investments, where to vacation, raising children, what cars his children drove, his take on allowance and chores, what to do the first time our girls misbehave as teenagers, apps i need on my phone, politics my generation doesn't understand and a whole lot more.  the flight was over before i knew it!  gracie napped most of the way and matthew kept maddie busy.  she poked her head up over her seat to wildly wave to me a few times.  we were anxious to get home and settled...but those thoughts quickly disappeared as we watched the baggage carousel empty out and come to a stop with only one of our suitcases.  3 suitcases and both the girls carseats didn't make it on the plane.  with no way to buckle the girls in, we turned and laughed and settled in.  it would be a couple hours until the next flight came in with our luggage.  luckily the baggage area was pretty empty and crowds would come and go.  the girls had room to move around and play and there were restrooms close by.  we finally gathered up our luggage and trekked out to the car almost three hours after we had landed.  some tricky manuevering of all our junk in matthew's car.  we were about to pull out and gracie remembered she had to go to the bathroom. another trip back into the airport and we were on our way.  i squished in between the girls carseats in the back of matthew's small car with a suitcase on my lap.  we had suitcases and bags shoved in every square inch.  the passenger seat seatbelt alarm beeped for the half hour drive home.  but we made it!  we ditched our bags and headed to chipotle.  i guess we're going to take it slow getting adjusted to southern food.  we treated ourselves to frozen yogurt after, partly because of our day and partly because maddie stood outside the store and pressed her nose to the glass and jumped up and down squealing, "please can i get frozen yogurt?!" and sang her "fro-zen yo-gurt" chant that makes us cave every time.  

it took a couple hours to get the girls settled in bed.  baths and bedtime are always exciting in a new place.  matthew's company furnishes our apartments every year.  this year they gave us an am/fm clock radio.  ipods, ipads, cell phones...nope, this ancient clock radio is pretty amazing.  it took 3 stories, a dozen songs and finally matthew and i laying with the girls to get them asleep.  i showered and was in bed minutes after they were asleep.  

we're so happy to finally be here and to all be together.  we're waiting for maddie to wake up and we'll be off to explore...or at least go to target.  

a couple of our favorite travel accessories...

and this skirt here was the most comfortable thing i've ever flown in!
|| reading books together...she doesn't let me hear the music ||
|| a little madagascar to keep her entertained ||
|| roar-ing at each other ||
|| hot, tired and ready to get home!! ||

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  1. Ann...the joys of travel!!! So glad the girls were good-can't wait to see the adventures of Nashville!