Monday, June 3, 2013

oh my!

we've been missing in action here for a week or's been a rough go at our house.  last wednesday gracie fell off my bed and hit our metal bed frame just right on her way down leaving her with quite the gash in her back.  internal stitches and 5 outer stitches later we had our first experience with an accident.  it took 4 nurses and me to hold her down while the doctor sewed her up.  once her back was numb she calmed down, but everyone was a little surprised by her strength and stamina!  it was tough work to keep her calm for the next couple days.  friday hit and so did the flu.  i was beyond wiped out for a couple days.  i'm still feeling grateful for my sister-in-law who came over and got the girls dinner, put them in the bath and put them to bed.  memorial day came and we were ready for a break!  our holiday came crashing down when poor maddie fell right onto the fireplace at my mother-in-law's house.  it was bad from the start- 4 chipped teeth, black and blue gums and the biggest fat lips i have ever seen.  it bled and bled and she screamed and screamed (until we got grammie on the phone).  she held her mouth and moaned in her sleep for a few nights.  the worst part was that she couldn't eat anything unless it was through a straw, but she was so hungry she kept trying- she'd eat, it would hurt hurt, she screamed and we'd start the cycle over every half hour.  you just can't take food away from our maddie girl!

fast forward a week and we're all on the mend.  gracie's stitches are out and her back is healing really well.  maddie's swelling is almost gone, the cuts are disapearing and all that's left are bruises on each side of her nose.  i'm still nauseated thinking about eating a lunchable, which happened to be the last thing i ate before the flu hit (with my favorite cook out of town i'm forced to eat pretty simple:).

matthew has missed out on quite a bit, but thanks to facetime he has been able to take a peek at some of the chaos.  in between the trauma the girls and i have managed to have a lot of fun together.  we've had late nights, a massive amount of cuddling and visits to friends and family to keep us busy.  that combined with a lot of take out has gotten us through.  we are anxiously awaiting matthew's return- he'll be home thursday of this week for his big marathon on saturday.  he decided to run it last minute in hopes of qualifying for the boston marathon next spring.  we'll have a few jam packed days with matthew home and then it'll be off to nashville for a summer adventure!

saturday was one of our highlights- we were able to go hang out with our friends at sweet little peanut! they hosted a darling outdoor party at pottery barn kids up in salt lake.  the girls ate popsicles (i lost count at 3 a piece), played with the parachute, made friends and did a little bit of shopping.  the little chairs and umbrellas were their favorite...maddie thought it was her own little spot and parked it there for most of the day.  they're just sure poppa will have a couple in his backyard when we get to california!  thanks so much to megan and ginger for the fun day!


  1. Such an adorable family! I can't believe all of that stuff happened so close together. Sounds so miserable.

  2. You poor things!! But hang in there you're doing great!!