Friday, June 14, 2013

life courtesy of my iphone...

i'm playing a little catch up this week.  we're leaving for nashville on tuesday and i've had pages and pages of a to do list to tackle before we leave for the summer.  these girls keep me on my toes, life doesn't slow down with them.  some of these everyday moments are ones i don't ever want to forget.

i spent a few days this last week cleaning out our basement storage.  i found boxes of teeny tiny baby clothes, i had forgotten how little the girls were!  i found stashes of old love notes from my old college boyfriends and matthew's high school girlfriends that made me so grateful that matthew and i found each other.  i found my boxes of "not quite yet, but someday vintage clothes the girls will love" and got excited thinking about ten years from now when they discover them.  there were so many memories to go through, some were tossed, and some were packed away for another trip down memory lane.  it made me grateful for our little blog and for the time we'll be able to sit down and look back on it when the girls are grown.

so, in the spirit of always wanting to remember, here are a few everyday moments from my iphone...

//we've reverted back to rocking maddie to sleep most nights.  and by we, i mean me.  matthew isn't on board.  but there isn't much he can do about it all the way in nashville.  i usually do the mature thing and send him a picture of her asleep in my arms every night.//

//i wonder if there will ever be a morning i get them dressed that doesn't involve some form of jumping on the bed/climbing/wrestling/running.  the morning it doesn't happen will certainly break my heart.//

//do you see the white furry blur?!  that would be buzz.  i successfully returned him back to matthew's brother (buzz's real owner).  buzz and gracie had a joyous reunion on sunday when we had dinner at their house.  we went to leave and quickly figured out there was no parting them.  so we've adopted buzz for the week.  he snuggles her every night.  she feeds him lots of snacks.//

//walking home from the pool.  we've decided that a day isn't complete without some form of swimming and playing in the sun, aka wearing the girls out before bedtime.//

//a favorite picture of matthew and i from his sister's wedding in may, i recently posted it on instagram//

//this is what happens when i hold a baby.  maddie is pretty sure her world is ending.  she is adamant that she is my baby and i shouldn't dare look or touch, or heaven forbid consider having another child.//

//post stitches removal.  i sent this picture to matthew to show him all the accessories the girls insist on taking wherever we go.  cardi's (as gracie calls them), hats, purses, sunglasses, backpacks, assorted treasures, spare flashlights (in case of emergency?), snacks, phones, computers, dominoes, pets, etc.//

//gracie posing and maddie trying her hardest to copy her.  maddie thinks gracie just may be the coolest person ever.//

//a middle of the night party with maddie girl after she snoozed from 8-10pm.  there was never a happier child in the middle of the night.//
//i don't know how you get around target, but gracie feels the only acceptable way is galloping on gallihan (the name she came up with for her horse) up and down every aisle cheering, "giddy up gallihan!" and "good boy!"  i'm pretty sure she entertained a lot of people that day.//

 //it took maddie a solid 2 days to forgive me for holding my niece.  i'm pretty sure she wasn't put down.//

//i told the girls to run and put shoes on so we could go get frozen yogurt.  this is how they came downstairs.  snowboots, lots of hair accessories, backpacks, 2 pairs of pants on maddie and rainboots seemed like a perfect ensemble.//

//one of a series of fourteen pictures gracie sent to her grammie.//

//grammie watched the girls for two nights while i went to vegas with friends.  she told some great bedtime stories, and no matter how i tried, i kept getting the story wrong.  so this happened until we got grammie on the phone to tell the story right.  maddie has it rough:)//

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