Wednesday, June 19, 2013

leaving on a jet plane...

we made some last minute changes to our summer travel plans.  the girls and i are packed up and ready to leave for california this morning (i have yet to go to sleep yet...all nighters are so much harder than my college days!).  we'll be spending a couple weeks there before flying east to nashville to spend the rest of the summer with matthew.  it'll be rough being apart a couple more weeks, but this way we're not flying back and forth across the country all summer.  the girls can't wait to get to grammie and poppa's house- they're ready for swimming, sun and lots of popsicles!

here is a sneak peek of the rest of the shoot we did with sweet little peanut...the pictures will all be up tomorrow, i can't wait!

and, just to finish it off, a couple pictures of our maddie girl.  this girl has taken over our house with her spunk.  we're a teeny bit scared, but we can't get enough of her!!


  1. adorable! I'm a little scared of my two year old too :)

  2. Just love your blog! cutest stories & an even cuter family!!

  3. I love those little shades! Where are they from??

  4. Yes where on earth are thr little shades from!