Friday, June 28, 2013

fourth of july friday fashion with sweet little peanut...

sweet little peanut asked us to share some fourth of july outfits and we happily obliged!  there is nothing like the fourth of july...the bbq's, the swimming and the fireworks make up one of my favorite days of the year.  we'll be spending the fourth in california this year, which means a hot day and sometimes a cool night.  most of my family will be together enjoying some long standing traditions.  we'll be swimming all day, bbq in the evening and then heading to a park for the fireworks.  i love this theory dress, it's cool enough for the day and i can throw a sweater or jean jacket over it in the evening.  we'll be walking all over the baseball fields, my jack purcell's can take the beating and be thrown in the wash that night.  the girls are wearing a little bit of crewcuts and a little bit of janie and jack.  i love the janie and jack shorts for the girls- they have the best elastic waistbands of any shorts i've ever tried.  we wanted something fun and festive that still allows them to run wild with cousins and maybe sneak in a snooze on the picnic blanket before the fireworks.

gracie belle's polka dot eyelet top || red shorts || saltwater sandals ||
my striped theory dress || sweater || jack purcell's || sunglasses || watch || bracelets here and here ||

saltwater sandals


  1. LOVE all of these cute outfits! For some reason the link to your striped dress is not working... Where did you get it? Thanks again for the cute ideas.

    1. Hi Jess! Thanks so much...i fixed the link, it should be working now. The dress is Theory, I bought it at Nordstrom, but it isn't online there, but it is a Neiman Marcus!