Wednesday, June 26, 2013


my dad was left in charge of grandkids for exactly two hours one day last summer.  he promptly went to the toy store and bought a pink power wheels for the kids to ride around in the cul-de-sac.  it has furthered our girls love for him.  they have spent hours cruising in circles and demanding i let them go full speed...which is surprisingly fast.  i've seen my life flash before my eyes a couple times as they've been heading straight for me.  my only hope is that they will have self driving cars by the time they are sixteen.  she has inherited matthew's love of speed and fearlessness which is already giving me anxiety!

aside from the pink car, the girls most favorite thing in california is her grammie's yard.  my mom spends hours and hours keeping her yard beautiful.  i'm heartbroken i don't have her green thumb.  grammie has told the girls there are fairies living in the flowers in her backyard and the girls are absolutely convinced!  they love pretending to fly around and are so sure they have seen one or two fairies.

we've spent everyday loving on oliver (whitney comes along, but she has taken a backseat to oliver:)...i'm not sure how he isn't sick of the girls yet! he chases after them and loves to tell maddie "no no" whenever she is doing something naughty.  i'm tempted to take him home as my little alarm!

gracie's top || shorts || shoes || sunglasses ||
maddie's top || shorts || shoes || sunglasses ||

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  1. They are the cutest thing alive! Look at those fancy girls in her Cadillac haha!
    Love your blog!