Monday, June 24, 2013

california sun...

we are soaking up our time in california!  i may be biased, but there in nothing like summer here.  the girls and i have eaten every breakfast, lunch and dinner in the backyard, we've swam like fish and taken walks outside (really the girls have driven around in my parents hot wheels car while i chase after them).  my sister whitney (or aunt nienie) and her family are moving into a new home close by and we've spent lots of time "helping" get them settled (mostly playing with our favorite baby oliver).  we took a break from moving for aunt nienie's froyo friday.  gracie and maddie felt awful that poor oliver had never tasted chocolate frozen yogurt, so they made up for lost time and shoveled it in for him.  oliver not only looks like he could be a pinegar, but he has the girl's same energy level, so it's kind of been non-stop with the three of them.  maddie is struggling with competing with a baby.  she is still not okay with me holding him and spends a small (or large) portion of their time together glaring at him.  i'm starting to see some signs of her warming up, so long as i'm not holding him.  matthew sees this as a sign of her needing a younger sibling, i see it as a sign that she should always be our baby.  agree to disagree?

we took some pictures after church today.  my eternal pet lover gracie found a potato bug, which she quickly named kathy (not sure where she comes up with her names), and maddie was distraught that she didn't also have a kathy.  one thing led to another and soon enough gracie asked why kathy was broken and no longer moving.  they went to bed tonight with promises of finding unlimited kathy's tomorrow, along with going to aunt whitney's to catch one of the lizards in her backyard.  i'm not sure what the airline rules are for flying with pets, i'm just hoping to get to nashville with only my girls and no other living object.  we have lots of fun planned in between now and leaving for nashville, but we're all missing matthew pretty bad.  we sure love him and are grateful for how hard he works!  

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