Tuesday, June 11, 2013

boston qualified!!

saturday was matthew's marathon!  he has dedicated early mornings six days a week to training and it paid off!  he finished at 2 hours and 50 minutes qualifying him for the boston marathon next spring.  we cannot wait to go cheer him on!  it is so rewarding for me to see him accomplish his goals, especially when i know how much it means to him.  i love that the girls are growing up seeing him chase after his dreams, but especially that they watch how hard he works to achieve them.  i couldn't help but cry when i saw his cross the finish line- i could tell his body was tired and that he had mentally pushed himself as hard as he could.  he came in first for his age group and eleventh overall, pretty amazing for his first marathon!

matthew woke up sore on sunday morning and hobbled around the house all day.  recovery had to be quick though, he flew back to nashville early monday morning and was back to work that afternoon.  it's exhausting just watching him:)

so we have the boston marathon to look forward to in 2014.  2015 he hopes to run the new york city marathon, followed by the london marathon in 2016.  then he'll retire marathons to pursue triathalons.  after that who knows, all i can plan on is lots of adventure with him!

 //almost to the finish line!!//
//maddie was mostly concerned with eating snacks//
//he did it!!//
//gracie added to her growing collection of daddy bear's medals//
//matthew's older brother ed ran the race too!//
//limping to the car//

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