Wednesday, May 1, 2013

what's graduation without a party?!

it wasn't really graduation until we celebrated it with a party.  my parents were kind enough to host a dinner friday night for matthew.  we had the adults from both our immediate families and his grandparents- so it was an intimate dinner for almost 30 (it's so fun coming from and marrying into a big family!).  i sat back at dinner and watched all the people who came- my heart was so full!  there is a lot that we have been able to accomplish over the last five years, and so much of it because of the confidence our families have given us.  i feel like we have had a cheering section following us wherever we go...a very understanding, not just with the good, cheering section.  there have been things in the last few years that have been a struggle- matthew no longer being able to play basketball and losing his scholarship, matthew's hectic work schedule, long hours studying, moving all over the country, feeling overwhelmed with two babies under 20 months and a slew of other hiccups along the way.  no matter the stumbling block, our families have been along side us helping us up.  whether it's my parents allowing the girls and i to seek refuge for a few weeks at a time during finals or when matthew is getting settled for work or my sweet sister in law coming and holding a newborn maddie baby for hours on end.  we've had call-at-any-hour babysitters, gourmet meals dropped off and my mom has folded countless loads of laundry (seriously, we're probably reaching 500).   we've had visitors come as we've ventured out all over the country and lots of care packages delivered.  there have been prayers and phone calls and emails.  matthew's mom doesn't bat an eye when we show up for dinner unannounced and i think my parents were just as excited as we were when we opened up that first law school acceptance letter.  with every triumph and heartbreak have been family who has extended their love.  i can't help but look back and feel unending appreciation for all of our family...i'm not sure we will ever be able to express just how much their support has meant to us.

this dinner was a perfect close to our time at byu.  it was filled with laughter and joy and love.  the girls moved from seat to seat.  i'm pretty sure they had a bite of each person's cookie.  maddie showed off her dance moves and gracie never stopped moving.  we finished the night off the only way we know how...with an ice cream cone and a ride on the carousel.

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  1. Such a lovely evening-a great ending to a great accomplishment!