Wednesday, May 15, 2013

water fight...

we had a few short days with matthew home.  we made the most of it.  saturday afternoon we had a little swim party out front.  our development doesn't open our pool until memorial day, but never underestimate the joy a small blow up pool can bring to two little girls (although i did nearly pass out from blowing it up).  i took a page from my mom's book and we brought out buckets of hot water to mix in with the hose water...i wasn't going to get in unless it was at least lukewarm!  swimming and splashing and playing bring out the happy in our girls.  we can't help but feel the same way.

earlier in the morning matthew filled up a few water balloons for the girls.  it started a full fledged water fight- complete with him locking me out on the upstairs balcony while he screamed for gracie to spray me with the hose.  i was bound and determined to get my revenge.  it was me against them.  i tricked the girls at least 6 or 7 times before matthew helped them catch on.  by the time they weaseled the hose away i used poor maddie as cover and bolted.  i pretty much shamed myself.

if this was a preview of our summer i'll be pleased (and i'm going to start working out so i have a chance at defending myself against matthew).  after a couple weeks on our own i was reminded how grateful i am to be a family and how much joy we have together.  these girls give a whole new meaning to fun.

and my swimsuit can be found here...seriously the most comfortable one piece!  the girls suits are from crewcuts, but last season.  you can find similar ones here.

 //waiting for the hot water//
 //serious splashing requires sticking your tongue out//
 //tickling her will never get old.//
//running to dad//
//i showed no mercy//
 //neither did she.//


  1. We have done that too. And after 2 hours they still don't want to get out. But I do have a small tinge of jealousy that you have access to a pool.

  2. love, love your swimsuit. this is from where? thanks!

    you guys looks like had so much fun!