Friday, May 3, 2013

learning to brunch...

it was a tradition growing up to have brunch at the little america hotel every time we visited utah.  it has since been moved to the grand america, but our tradition is still going strong.  we met my parents and my sisters mandy and whitney in salt lake on sunday for the girls first brunch experience.  to sum it up, it was all the food they could eat, an endless gourmet dessert table, a chocolate fountain AND all their cousins and grammie and poppa were there.  so, pretty much a little piece of heaven for them.  especially the chocolate fountain.  i've been told several times by gracie that having a chocolate fountain at home would "probably be great."

i was grateful to have something fun to do to help take our minds off matthew leaving that morning to make the long drive back to nashville for his summer job.  he left before the girls woke up- it about kills him to say goodbye to them.  the start of our summers always take a little adjusting for everyone.  we spend a few minutes every morning facetime-ing (i love that maddie knows and asks for facetime) and snap at least a dozen pictures each day to send to him.  i'm never more grateful for technology then during the definitely takes more effort when matthew is gone to keep our little family close and connected, but it's so possible thanks to all our communication sources right at our fingertips.  gracie has gotten old enough to understand where matthew is and that he'll be back next week for a family wedding.  but poor maddie has struggled this week.  maddie is used to matthew putting her to bed and hasn't fallen asleep before 11pm the last few nights.  she gets pretty distraught until i call matthew.  after he sings a few rounds of mockingbird she's ready to settle down...but only if she's snuggled in between gracie and i.  i laid her down in her bed tonight and when i went to check on the girls i found that maddie had snuck into my room and was curled up next to gracie in my bed.  i can at least tell matthew i gave it a valiant try:)

while our time apart from matthew is sometimes hard, we are working to find the positives.  i have so enjoyed all our girl time.  i've spent afternoons playing with stuffed animals and reading books (and maybe ignoring a few household chores).  we've gone on make believe bug hunts and i've probably drank 75 cups of tea.  we wandered around target for over an hour today buying dollar aisle treasures and popsicles...matthew never understands wandering target:)  we may get a little lonely, but never bored!

anthropologie dress//jcrew wedges (old, similar here)//target sunglasses

||it was just too tempting||
||my stylish, so fun, 10 year old niece, emma||
||the grand america has the neatest window displays up right now.  each window depicts a different children's book.  when maddie walked past the big bad wolf from little red riding hood she screamed, "ahh!  it's the big bad wolf, don't get me!" and ran down the hall.  she kept a close eye on him after.||
||my nephew oliver (almost 10 months) took his first few steps this weekend!  we can't wait to visit him this summer in california...the girls have a whole list of things to teach him:)||
||the crocodile from peter pan was so neat!||
||she is getting anxious to read||
||gracie's best buddy and favorite partner in crime, owen...or as she calls him, o-man||
 ||my little wanderer||


  1. Your girls are adorable. I have a soon to be 4 year old and another little girl on the way. I can not wait to have little daughters and sisters running around! Seeing your pictures of your girls just excites me that much more. I live and work in you have to bring your girls here to visit and show them Music City! Question...who caputres the amazing shots of you and your girls? I can't ever seem to get in the photos because I'm the one taking them! Thanks!

  2. the last photo cracks me up, haha! so cute!