Friday, May 17, 2013

last day of preschool...

i cannot believe gracie's first school year has come and gone!  it was a great school year.  we couldn't have loved her teacher more- she is fun and so sweet; a perfect fit for gracie!  i am fairly certain she will remain on the top of my favorite teacher list throughout all of the girls schooling.  i have enjoyed watching gracie mature this year.  she has grown into her little personality and loves making friends.  she is detailed in her stories of school adventures (i don't know where she gets it from:) and, as her teacher described her, is easily excited, can go with the flow and can hang with the boys...not much phases her.  things i will always remember about her first year?  matthew coming home from school to take gracie to preschool after hearing about a little bully in her class.  he walked her into her class to make sure that she was okay.  seeing her bounce out of the door at pick-up, bringing in cookies to decorate for valentine's day, and seeing her develop a love for stories and reading.  she has loved singing class and coming home and performing.  she brought a small treasure to school everyday for show and tell.  her class never once had show and tell.  she is thoughtful and curious and energetic.  maddie will be happy to not have to say goodbye to gracie, i will be happy that i won't have to console maddie for 15 minutes after dropping her off.  we are sad to see the year end, but are so excited for summer vacation!

i am leaving early this morning for las vegas for a girlfriend's birthday celebration.  my mom was sweet enough to change her travel plans to stay an extra week and watch the girls this weekend.  not only did she manage to blast through 14 loads of laundry in the last couple days (it's shameful, i know...i've kept the house together and cleaned, the girls happy, but the laundry i'll never conquer) but she didn't complain when i raided her suitcase for shoes, jewelry and sunglasses.  i'm grateful for a mom who is the queen of accessorizing and doesn't mind sharing.  maddie is nearly shunning me and soaking up every minute of grammie time.  gracie can't wait to use all the stickers and glitter glue she brought.  and i am looking forward to two uninterrupted nights of rest and a little time relaxing.  happy weekend!

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  1. I absolutely love your hair! Such a cute family; I love your blog. Who takes your photos?