Wednesday, May 22, 2013

graduation fun...

today was our second graduation this year.  i'm not sure who looked cuter in their cap and gown.  gracie graduated from her first year of preschool.  we walked into her school to pomp and circumstance playing.  they pulled out all the stops.  she sang songs, nailed the choreography, tossed her hat in the air and proudly accepted her diploma and she did it, "just like daddy bear!"...except with singing and dancing.  i was madly taking photos with camera, videoing with my iphone and wrangling maddie.  matthew was texting me for updates all afternoon.  it's days like these that make time apart the most difficult.  and while it's so worth it, it still feels a little weird celebrating without matthew.  gracie got to plan our celebratory night.  it was a close call, but dinner and a ride on the carousel and an ice cream won over the mcdonald's playplace.  i'm a fan of any activity that wears the girls out.  on our way home gracie kindly suggested from the back seat, "mom, you should get good rest tonight, i'm going to have A LOT of energy tomorrow."  i am grateful for the heads up, but a little concerned over what she has planned.  she did at one point mention climbing a mountain, but it would be okay because there is a large rope that she can use to pull maddie up when she gets tired of climbing.  her imagination is the best and leaves me constantly entertained.  in gracie's end of the year folder she put that she is going to be a mermaid when she grows up, but not to worry because she can just live in the bathtub so we can see her everyday.  i kind of think it's a great plan.

i'm off to get some rest in preparation for gracie's energy tomorrow.  keep good thoughts for me!:)

my top//jeans//shoes (on sale)

//we had originally planned on something different, but last minute gracie insisted we bring miss korbi everything to make s'mores.  gracie told me her favorite thing about miss korbi is how thoughtful she is, and that miss korbi REALLY loves gracie.  i am so grateful for her!//

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  1. So sad I missed the graduation-sounds a little more exciting than Matthew's!!!!