Thursday, May 23, 2013

a mother's day to remember...

i'm a little behind...these are pictures from our mother's day.  we had a whirlwind weekend filled with wedding festivities and a short trip home for matthew, i was so happy he honored my wishes for a kickback day.  after church and naps we grabbed dinner and headed to our favorite park for a picnic.  i was content to trade in cloth napkins and a fancy dinner for burgers and fries.  matthew and i laid on the grass and let the girls run around the playground.  we picked every dandelion in the park and made wishes.  gracie made friends with a big dog who happily followed her around; the girl is a dog whisperer!  it was pretty much a perfect afternoon.

matthew knocked it out of the park for a mother's day gift this year.  instead of a traditional present, he has done something each day for 10 days.  every morning something pops up on my phone calendar- he has sent me a photo stream of his favorite memories, had dinner dropped off, written me sweet notes every day and scheduled a massage.  it has meant more than any gift would have, i have loved it!

it goes without saying that our girls mean everything to us.  being someone who can usually talk non-stop, i struggle to really find the words to express what it means to me.  every part of me lives for matthew and the girls- and while i am still my own individual person, who i am is a mother, and i wouldn't be myself without them.  that's not to say i don't have days of frustration or losing my patience more than i wish to admit, but the joy outweighs the hard moments and every night when i check in on them asleep i am filled with gratitude for their sweet, wild, bright little spirits.  i'm thankful for their happy personalities and all the time i am able to spend with them.  i think about how much i love them and am in shock that somebody has felt that way about me my whole life- my parents have been great examples of love.  i am especially grateful for my mom and what she has added to my life.  i have yet to meet a more caring, selfless individual, and i'm not sure i'd ever find one.  she has a love for life and an energy about her that i think has been passed on to the girls.  she's a blast to be around and has the best accessories and shoes and never complains when i steal them.  she's worn many hats over the years and she has done whatever she can to make our lives great.  i'm not sure i'll ever be able to live up to her legacy.

every year on mother's day i am reminded how fun it is to be a parent with matthew.  we had been married not quite six months when we found out we were pregnant.  i wasn't totally prepared for a baby; thank heavens matthew has five younger siblings.  where i was nervous and unsure he jumped in like a natural.  he has never made me doubt myself or made me feel silly when i checked gracie's temperature fourteen times a day or when i still cut the girls food up into teeny tiny pieces.  the best choice i have made in life is marrying him.  building a life together will be my greatest accomplishment, and i count myself lucky that we have our little girls.  it's a pretty great time.

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