Monday, May 13, 2013

a day for love...

what a weekend!  matthew's sister madeleine was married on friday!  her and karson were sealed in the salt lake city temple by matthew's grandfather.  it was perfect.  i have never seen a couple look more joyful on their wedding day, madeleine was glowing.  the girls are thrilled to welcome uncle karson into the family.  he is an incredible soccer player, so family athletic competitions just got a little more heated.  

i love weddings.  there is something so sentimental about them.  it's hard not to reminisce on our wedding day and feel a flood of emotions.  i still remember those moments we shared before our ceremony took place almost five years ago.  i was a anxious and excited and nervous.  matthew took my hand in his calm, steady way and settled my nerves.  little did i know it would be the first of many times.  matthew's grandfather was serving a mission in new york and wasn't able to marry us, but we were fortunate to have elder holland, an apostle from our church, seal us.  he talked about sacrifice and love and our committment to forever.  there isn't a day that goes by that i'm not grateful for the decision we made to be married.  i couldn't have guessed in a hundred years the way our love would grow and the family we would be blessed with.  i am so happy for madeleine and karson and their new journey!

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  1. Hy! I'm always here at your blog and I decided to finally leave a comment! haha...
    I love your blog, your pictures... You are an inspiration! I love coming here just to day-dream about my own future family! I'm married for 6 years and we are ready to start our own family, and I plan on documenting everything too... So I just love to come here and seek inspiration to future outfits, posts, programs! So, thank you! I just think it's nice to appreciate someone's good work! And you have definately done a great job! God bless you! Xx