Wednesday, April 10, 2013


how is it wednesday already?!  these are the last pictures from our quick weekend.  we woke up sunday and had breakfast in our pajamas and got ready and packed up.  about 15 minutes before we left, gracie realized she wouldn't get to swim again.  there were a few silent tears and one, "but that makes me so sad" and she was out the door with matthew.  she had her last little dip while maddie stayed in with me while i finished getting everything together.  i attempted to watch conference, but maddie hung right by me and told me the whole story of nemo, from the shark eating coral to the sea turtles, in her perfect story telling way.  after a quick lunch we stopped by the st. george lds temple to let the girls walk around before getting in the car.  it was a perfect windy sunday activity.  they had flowers for the girls to look at (they were so tempting to pick...i was so proud that we left without a single one!) and music playing on the grounds.  the temple looks amazing- it is so white against the red rocks, it almost looks like it's glowing!  it really is such a peaceful place, and while it's hard for the girls to see open grass and not want to run and get wild, they did a great job keeping as reverent as they could.  it has been so neat to show the girls different temples as we've traveled around all over the country.  

//listening to the music.  i'm in love with the pose.//
//she spotted a bee.//
//"where did the bumble bee go?"//
//they found an ant hill.  they can find bugs anywhere they go.//

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