Monday, April 15, 2013

popcorn popping...

we went on a hunt this afternoon for the popcorn popping on the apricot trees.  it was a perfect opportunity to test out a lens for our camera.  the flowers are starting to blossom, so the girls were just sure the fairies were out somewhere.  gracie explained to us exactly how the flowers open up in the springtime complete with little hand gestures.  we listened for bumble bees, found a secret garden and climbed a tree.  not bad for a quick sunday walk!  we had a jam packed weekend and it was so nice to take it easy and just let the girls play, especially when i think about the next month!  we have a second birthday party and matthew's big graduation, family coming into town, a family wedding, matthew leaving for his summer job and hopefully a trip to celebrate graduation and our five year anniversary.  i'll be spending the next week attempting to tackle out of control to do lists!

//we're always listening for bumble bees//
//endless entertainment//
//"when the flowers get warm they open up and show their faces, just like this!"//
//my favorite giggler//
my skirt//bonjour sweater//dolce vita shoes//bow ring (thanks to hello fab)


  1. PRECIOUS!!!! What kind of lens did you get?

    1. Hi Jessica:)

      We tried out a 35mm lens and loved it! I'm hoping to find a used one, it was a little bit easier than our 50mm lens.

      Thanks for reading:)

  2. LOVE these adorable pictures. Seriously beautiful family!

  3. you are gorgeous and your girls are the most darling there ever was. i secretly hope that i will see you guys on campus and i can say hello. haha.

  4. Lindsey - where is that gold "spiky" bracelet from? I love it and must have it!! XO