Tuesday, April 9, 2013

hello sunshine...

within moments of finishing up our race gracie was already asking to go swimming.  the girls could hardly sit through their late breakfast.  i'm pretty sure there was squealing the entire time we got them changed.  i mean, they even stood still with no complaint while we sunscreened them up.  gracie has always been comfortable around the water.  she happily lets matthew launch her in the air and doesn't complain when she pops out of the water.  she sports her goggles, reminds us that she knows she has to hold her breath and could literally go for hours.  maddie has previously loved the water...you can hardly get her out of the bath.  however, the last few times we've taken her swimming in a pool she has hardly moved off the steps.  she'll sit and splash and laugh and yell to gracie who is kicking towards the deep end.  but take her off the steps?  immediate hesitation.  and when matthew swims under the water the poor girl yells, "daddy!  no!  be careful!  come back!" and then nervously giggles when he comes up.  we let her stay in her comfort zone all day.  i am all for encouraging bravery, but felt like this wasn't that kind of situation.  we can see such differences in the girls, gracie is carefree and ready to try anything, while maddie is much more reserved.  but, truth be told, i feel partially responsible...i've been called a worrier once or twice...or a lot.  even now, i'm worried my years of yelling after gracie to be careful climbing, slow down running, not jumping off things too high have allowed some nervousness to rub off on maddie.  while i'm hoping it's just a fleeting phase that will pass after time getting comfortable in the pool i can't help but think everyone can't benefit from me voicing my worries a little differently...maybe less, "oh gracie, for heaven's sake, what are you doing up there?!  do you know what will happen if you fall off of that?!  be careful!!" and more, "oh wow gracie, you sure can run so fast on that wall, how about you show me how fast you can run on the sidewalk now?"...it has to be worth a try, right?  and that picture up at the top?  for some reason, i can't help but think that may be one of my favorite pictures of the girls together, there is just something about it!

on a more fun note, we are loving bonlook's new line of kids sunglasses.  our girls will leave their glasses on all day long.  in fact, while we were driving down to st george maddie refused to take them off, i had to wait until she was asleep.  they are super durable and kid friendly and comfortable for the girls to both wear...but really, nothing trumps the style, it doesn't get any cuter.  

maddie's bonlook sunglasses//gracie's bonlook sunglasses//girl's target shorts//maddie's swimsuit (maddie's is a hand me down from gracie- it has held up so well!)//gracie's swimsuit (her's is from last season)//gracie's hat//maddie's hat is from target, in stores only

my theory dress (similar, mine is from 6 years ago and still one of my favorites)//target sunglasses//scarf (stolen from the girl's suitcase)

//this may be one of my new favorites too//
//and this one.  i'm a worrier and i'm also indecisive.//


  1. I love their swim suites and Maddie's sun glasses are adorable! Your photography is stunning these photo's should be an add or in print!


  2. Beautiful photos!

    Those sunglasses and hats are really too much, thanks for the links.