Sunday, April 28, 2013

he did it!

oh my!  what a weekend!  we started off friday with matthew’s graduation.  he received his bachelors in accounting and also his masters of accounting from byu.  it has been quite an exciting journey for us, it is definitely bittersweet to see it end.  we are so lucky to have such supportive families.  my parents and my sister and her family flew up for the weekend and most of matthew’s family was on hand for the celebration. 

we have been talking about graduation for a couple months now.  i wanted it to be something that the girls could be involved with and look forward to.  gracie recently took preschool graduation pictures at school in a cap and gown and reminded us often that she is graduating too.  matthew got the girls a bracelet and necklace to wear to the graduation as a special thank you for all their help through school.  as gracie tells everyone, “my dad gave it to me, but my mom picked it out.”  she is a smart girl.  gracie (and also maddie, because if gracie is excited about something, maddie is excited too) couldn’t wait to get her graduation dress on.  she made sure everyone saw her twirl in it.  matthew originally asked if i thought anyone would be able to tell if he wore basketball shorts under his robe.  i’m grateful he decided to wear his suit.

i of course started crying the second i spotted matthew walking out.  he has diligently worked to get to that moment.  he was in his first couple semesters when we started dating, so to see how much he has grown and where our lives have taken us was an overwhelming moment.  i am truly so proud of all that he has been able to accomplish, but even more for the man he has become. 

after the speeches they began passing out diplomas.  gracie and i walked down to the area by the stage for families to take pictures as the graduates received their diplomas.  gracie was anxious to see him and asked at least two dozen times when she would see matthew.  she jumped up and down and let out a little squeal when they called his name.  we anxiously waited for him to get to us- he walked right past us and was able to give gracie a big hug.  i hope if anything, that she’ll be able to remember that moment.   and if you’re wondering, i did start crying again.

my parents were huge helpers during the graduation.  my mom came prepared and kept the girls entertained.  i was initially nervous after they finished an entire bag of snacks by the time the procession was finished.   but thanks to ipads and an emergency bag of m&ms the girls did great, even with it being right in the middle of nap time.  when the ceremony was over there were lots of picture taking and congratulating- i enjoyed watching matthew squirm being the center of attention.  and to make it worse, it was just the beginning!  graduation dinner up next!


  1. It was such a great weekend-so proud of what Matthew has accomplished and what the two of you has done as a family-big cheers!!!

  2. What a sweet post! Congrats to all of you.

  3. What a great blog! Love these family pictures and special moments you have captured.

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