Wednesday, April 3, 2013

flora and the flamingo...

those who know me know my love for children's books.  my parents gave us a children's book each christmas that they picked out just for us.  my mom spent hours at the book stores, she made sure it had a theme, or a character or a message that connected with with our current life.  my parents signed a message in each book, i can't tell you how amazing they are to look back on.  i saved my wide collection of books and they now sit in the girls room with their own growing collection.

i picked up flora and the flamingo, by molly idle, for easter at peek kids (you can also find it here).  i initially picked it up for the darling illustrations (molly idle was a dreamworks animator before leaving to pursue children's book illustrating!), i was surprised to look inside and see no words.  the more i flipped through it , the more i loved it.  while it's easy for me to decipher the story through the illustrations, i love seeing the girls make up their own story as we flip from page to page.  flora is a perfect heroine, and with enough practice, her and the flamingo figure out how to dance together.  between being a good friend, determination, and trying again- no matter what, are a few of the most important things we teach the girls...this book gives allows us to teach them over and over again while changing the story up as we please!

we took a break from spring cleaning to go outside and read a little bit of flora and run around.  the girls love reading to their babies, and of course buzz.

and...i thought i'd add that the girls shorts are from target (you can find them here), they're only $10 and one of our new favorites!  they are so comfortable, they ran and played in them with no problem.  we can dress them up  or down.  i'm tempted to go back and get the pink!


  1. Love your book ideas, definitely going to add that one to the collection.