Tuesday, April 23, 2013

a little catch up...

this week has been a long time coming!  it's graduation week!  my family is all getting into town and we are ready to celebrate matthew's big accomplishment and also maddie's 2nd birthday party.  we have been getting ready for matthew to leave for the summer to nashville for work and spending as much time together as a family as possible.  the summers are always a little bit hard for everyone!  here are a few pictures from my phone (and matthew's) that i didn't instagram...

1// our nighttime routine.  the girls each pick out a book (we're lucky if they don't each pick 2 or 3) for us to read.  lately our favorites are silverlicious and the hungry caterpillar.  i think matthew has them memorized!

2//  there were a lot of tears shed when we had to leave buzz at the groomers.  gracie could hardly wait to pick him up.  she proudly carried him and his new do back to the car...i'm not sure he got more than a foot away from her the rest of the day!

3//  our favorite ice cream to celebrate matthew's last day as a cougar!  (unless of course he decides to go to law school at byu...in that case, we have three more years as cougars!)

4//  some afternoons call for snuggling on the couch...under two blankets.

5//  grandpa ed and grandma pat (matthew's sweetest grandparents) dropped off a little package that included a picture of them.  gracie has slept with it every night since then.  she brings it into our bed with her every morning.

6//  the girls planned matthew's last day of school celebration...it of course included the carousel.  they were so excited to take him...and although it probably wasn't exactly what he would have picked, he was a total trooper.  it doesn't matter how many times they ride this exact carousel, it's a constant wiggling/squealing/giddy up ride, every time.

7//  gracie spent an entire afternoon in her princess dress complete with fairy wings.  she refused to take them off even when going to the grocery store with matthew.

8//  our very first interaction with a baby with maddie holding it together.  we have been dying to see scout and coco, our friend's little miracle twin girls.  maddie fed scout her bottle and even held her for a couple minutes.  matthew is absolutely convinced she's ready for another sibling.  maddie and i aren't quite convinced.

9//  i've been spending most days in my converse shoes.  the girls think it's the coolest that we all have matching shoes.

10//  gracie is adamant about doing things all on her own.  including making her toast.  we're working on learning to spread butter...and most importantly how much butter she should be using.  she manages to destroy an entire countertop every morning, but her excitement makes it all worth it.

11//  about 4 years ago anthropologie put out a children's line of clothes.  my mom and i found the sweater for my niece when i was pregnant with gracie.  it has since been passed down to gracie- it was a little bittersweet seeing her in it.  i can't believe she will be 4 this summer!

12//  maddie hanging with her favorite big cousins emma and sophie.  they have pretty great toys that they let maddie play with

to finish off my all over the place post, these are a few pictures from maddie's birthday at the zoo.  there is nothing that girl loves more than animals, so we spent the afternoon wandering from animal to animal letting her soak it all in.  she loved the giraffes and the sea lions the most, but got so frustrated that the animals wouldn't come when she called them.  we are already planning a trip to the san diego zoo...we can't wait!

my sweatshirt is mural from nordstrom, and it's on sale now!


  1. Congrats to Matthew on the big accomplishment, you will have to let us know where he decides to go for law school. Have a fun week with the family!

  2. Your blog so entertaining! Enjoy your upcoming parties and celebrations!

    Also, love your sweater from the day at the zoo, who is that by?

    1. Hi Rachel, it's Mural from Nordstrom. I added a link at the very end of my post, it's on sale right now too! Thank you so much for reading:)

  3. Love love love all pics from your phones-fun to see the everyday adventures!