Tuesday, March 26, 2013

wunway, two ways...

dressed up

dressed down

gracie is obsessed with dresses right now...she'll wear 5 or 6 in a day, complete with different shoes/scarves/hats/tights/coats.  we tried putting a lock on their closet door, but when there's a will, she finds a way.  needless to say, she's given us a crash course in styling dresses for all occasions.

the three of us were so excited to receive a package from wunway.  they knocked it out of the park with this dress...gracie has worn it at least 3 times a week for the last month.  sometimes just for breakfast (she's up for being fancy anytime of the day).  i love how versatile this dress is...it's easy enough to dress up, but still perfect for around town and a visit to the park (or like yesterday- the park, dinner, the carousel and ice cream)...so here are a couple ways we've been wearing it.

a little about wunway...it was started by three mothers who shared a love of their children and fashion, and it totally shows!  some of my most favorite pieces from the girls closet come from there.  not only is it versatile, but so comfortable.  and from a mom who has little girls with a flair for fashion and an abundance of personality- i love how unique their pieces are, their detail and design are amazing.  the only thing that could make it better is if they came out with a line for me!

you can find more of our favorite wunway pieces from this post here...

//she's a runner//
//they were made for each other//
//sometimes we feel like they have a secret little joke they're not letting us in on//
//this is what happens when you try and take her frog away.  gracie has learned her lesson.//
//"hey dad, watch this!!"//
//moms are always good to have around//
//she was telling me a really long, very detailed story about the eiffel tower//
//"daddy bear is the strongest" -gracie belle//

and here are a few of our favorite moments with wunway!  
you can check them out on instagram too @wunwaykids.


  1. Love love love these pictures and clothes!!! Wish they were in my size too!

  2. Love their little dresses! I wish they sold in Canada.
    As always they are dressed adorably!

    1. Hi Dee- did you contact Wunway? They may be able to ship to you! Their clothes are the best! Thanks so much for reading:)

  3. U are so cute and your girls are DOLLS!I love how much their faces light up and show SUCH BIG personalities! Your skirt, shirt and accessories are to die for! Where is your watch from? Thanks as always for sharing!! =)

    1. Hi Cristin:) I just added it after the first picture of me. Matthew bought me the watch a year ago and I've worn it almost everyday...I love how different it is! Thanks so much for reading:)

  4. They are so sweet! There is no way not to smile when you see pictures of them.

    1. That is exactly how I feel! Sometimes it's nice to get in bed at night and look back through their pictures...no matter the trouble they've gotten into that day, it's hard not to smile when I look at them...oh, the joys of being a parent!! Thanks so much for reading!:)