Monday, March 4, 2013

taste of spring

we got a taste of spring this weekend.  we saw the sun and headed out in t shirts and’s amazing what a little time outdoors can do for someone, not to mention a family of four.  gracie spent most of her time running with buzz- she outlasted him and eventually had to pull him around in her wagon.  he didn’t mind.  there is something so sweet about watching a little girl with her dog (even if he is just adopted.  because i think we’ve adopted him and matthew hasn’t fully admitted it to me).  the two of them are quite a pair.  just when i think he’s had enough of her, he climbs in her lap to snuggle just a little bit more. 

i was reminded that we are happiest when we can run wild and finally use our outside voices.  this was a day for the books.

||maddie checking out her new shoes- she can jump pretty high in them!||
||she thinks he is the most funny...and he likes that||


  1. So cute! I have the same shoes as the girls :)

    1. Emily, I've been wanting to get a pair for myself too...they're just too cute!! Thanks for reading:)

  2. How sweet is Gracie with the dog! Those pictures are just so adorable. Nothing like some sunshine.

  3. how do you ever pick which pictures to frame?! they are all so sweet :)

  4. Oh so cute!!! So I have to ask if you ever fou d out the style of your mom's ray ban sunglasses .... I love, love them!

  5. I love your pictures! What kind of camera do you have?