Monday, March 11, 2013

sunday swinging

welcome daylight savings!  we were at the park last night until nearly 7pm.  we swang, we ran, we slid, we climbed.  and it still didn’t get us in bed until almost 10.  we gave it a valiant try.

at the begininning of a warm season, i always wonder when the park will get old.  but somehow, there little faces still light up when we see the playground, no matter how many times we’ve been to it.  while we were living in portland last summer, there was a small community park i’d take the girls to nearly every night.  matthew worked until late six nights a week, leaving me to do the wearing out before bedtime.  but every evening, we’d get forty yards away and the screaming and running began.  they’d take off like it was the first playground they’d ever seen.  the same old slide that yesterday had been the escape from a wild dragon, was today, the entrance to the fast food store that served only pink ice cream and french fries.  i happily oblige their need for adventure and their sometimes havoc wreaking imagination.  they’re only young once and it’s so entertaining.  while gracie has been the imagination queen the past couple years, maddie is starting to catch up to her.  she watched the bee movie last week and suddenly has a bee following her around.  he’s sometimes nice, sometimes mean, but mostly lets her boss him’s always “go away bee” “be nice right now, bee” “go to sleep bee” or “i’m watchin’ you bee”.  she found a small rubber frog that requires his own blanket and pillow at night.  her most special renditions of “you are my sunshine” are saved for him...we’re a little annoyed.  but jealousy aside, we can’t believe she’s old enough for make believe.  it’s bittersweet, but oh my, do we love her spunky little personality.

i don’t know which one it was...the swings, or the imagination adventures or the hide and seek or the just plain we love being outside, but the joy of their faces yesterday was maybe the best ever, and even though i say that all the time, it just never gets old.

//maddie’s sunglasses were on the majority of the day...through the park and dinner until they were forcibly removed prior to bedtime//
//pointing out the bee to us//
//she doesn't surrender at hide and seek.  she demands being caught//
//i'm not sure what this "hooray" was about, but we loved it//
//don't let the hands over the eyes fool you...she is the worst peeler//


  1. They must be in heaven getting to play outside!!! Love the pictures!

  2. While it's sad that they grow up so quickly, I love each new stage even more. I can't wait until our little one is at the crazy imagination stage. From reading your blog, It seems like great entertainment.

    1. Hi Jessica! Listening to their little stories really is the best! There is always something new and exciting going on! Thanks so much for reading:)

      Oh, and I LOVED your balloon wall for Allison's birthday party, it all looked so cute!